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Thailand's Red Lotus Lake Is One Of The World's Most Insta-Worthy Destinations

Do it for the 'gram.

Thailand's Red Lotus Lake Is One Of The World's Most Insta-Worthy Destinations
The end of the year is approaching, so it's probably time for you to wrap up your work and leave the country for a long holiday.

And if you are looking for a totally Instagram-worthy place to make your friends jealous, we've found the perfect spot for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the Red Lotus Lake.

Strange but beautiful

Located in Sakon Nakhon in Thailand, the Red Lotus Lake (also known as the Nong Han Lake) is the largest natural lake of northeast Thailand, covering an area of 125.2 km².

Like its name suggests, the lake is reportedly famous for its spectacular scenery: a lake filled with red lotuses.

Thousands and thousands of red lotuses.
According to The Nation, the red lotuses only blossom in December and January every year.

As such, the lake has reportedly been been attracting hundreds of local and foreign tourists daily, all thanks to its spectacular scenery and the current cool weather.

The Red Lotus Lake is so popular, in fact, it was named the world’s second strangest lake by news site CNN.

We don't know they call the lake strange, because we feel that it's extremely gorgeous, don't you think?

Red lotuses everywhere.
So, what else can you do there on top of taking tonnes of pictures? 

Well, bird watching activities are incredibly popular at the lake. You could also rent a boat and get up close and personal with the flowers.

According to this website, a boat ride would cost you around 300-500 Baht (RM41-RM68), depending on the route you take.

Check out them birdies!
Sounds like a trip to this enthralling lake is due, right, guys?