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Girl Finds Out She Has A Twin Via Twitter

Social media unites sisters!

Girl Finds Out She Has A Twin Via Twitter

Do you think you have an undiscovered twin somewhere out there?

Sounds impossible?

Think again!

A 16-year-old girl recently discovered that she had a twin after getting a barrage of messages from strangers on social media. 

According to a report in The Jakarta Post, Nabila Az-Zahra, a high school student in Gowa regency, South Sulawesi was browsing through the social media when she started receiving weird direct messages from people she barely knew on Twitter.

They all said the same thing – that another Twitter user’s profile picture looked very much like herself.

A personal message that could not be ignored


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Nabila didn’t take the messages too seriously until the person behind the other Twitter profile personally messaged her.

“On Jan 7, I checked my DMs on Instagram and found a message from an account belonging to someone named Nadya.

“She asked me, ‘Don’t you think we look alike?’ At which point I suggested to her that it would be best for us to have a video call so as to not waste time,” Nabila wrote on Twitter.

Nabila was shocked when she saw Nadya via video call.

“We asked each other personal questions during the video call such as our weight, height, favourite colour and favourite drink.

“Our answers were 90% similar!” Nabila wrote.

Nabila said Nadya then asked her if there was a possibility that they were twins.

“Nadya asked me, “What if we’re actually twins?” I told her I’d be really happy; it would be like a dream come true.

“I considered the possibility and decided to ask my mum about it,” she said.

That's when the drama unfolded


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Nabila's parent's told her that she was adopted and that she was not a twin but part of a set of triplets!

Her parents said Nabila’s actual parents had given away all three children because they were financially inadequate.

“I was both sad and happy at the same time upon learning the truth.

“Happy because I got to meet my twin and sad because I didn’t expect such a story.

“I’m grateful that I still have my family who have sincerely raised me to this day.”

Both girls are now on the look-out for their third missing sibling. 

What a story!