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Perhilitan Asks Malaysians To Name A New Baby Tapir And Of Course, We Go Crazy!

You got to give us an A+ for creativity!

Perhilitan Asks Malaysians To Name A New Baby Tapir And Of Course, We Go Crazy!

Thousands of suggestions have been pouring in since Perhilitan announced the arrival of a new baby tapir on Tuesday evening.

In their post on Facebook and Twitter, Perhilitan shared pictures of the precious female tapir and asked Malaysians for name suggestions.

"We have good news for everyone. At about 4pm, a female tapir weighing 8.6kg was born to a pair of tapirs, Mala (the female tapir) and Boy (male). Looks like Baradek has a friend. Do you have a name to suggest for this female baby Tapir?" asked Perhilitan in a tweet.

And boy did we respond. 

Creative responses start pouring in

A popular suggestion was 'Adik'.

'Nur Qystina Aurora Dahlia Elena Jazmin Citra Aaleyah Ariana binti Boy tapi nanti panggil Adek, sebab abang dia Beradek." tweeted @thezulfo.

"Nanti boleh panggil dua ekor tu adik beradik" suggested Twitter user @Indahdiaa. 


Other suggestions included some unusual tapir-fied names including 'Tapiruddin', 'Tapirullah', 'Tapirina Zendaya' and even 'Tapirware'!

Not to forget the important stuff

Such a cutie!

Many Malaysians also congratulated Perhilitan for the birth of the calf and applauded the agency for its conservation efforts. 

And speaking of conservation, one user even suggested naming the baby tapir 'Pupus'!

"Pupus. Saya cadangkan nama dia 'Pupus'. Sebab sebagai satu peringatan yang mana kalau kita tak memelihara dan memulihara alam sekitar, semua hidupan macam ni akan PUPUS." tweeted @akidchan_.


Think you have a better suggestion? Post it on Perhilitan's Facebook or Twitter page and you never know, your idea could be the chosen one!























Baradek is another tapir calf born in November last year at the Sungai Dusun Wildlife Conservation Centre in Selangor.

Baradek's name was also suggested by Malaysians after Perhilitan asked for a name for it.

The tweet has caught the attention of Malaysians with over 15,000 likes and thousands of replies.

Among the name suggested include 'Adek', 'Batek', 'Magurl', 'Nur Taper', 'Nur Tapeerah', 'Iman', 'Tapiruddin' and 'Oreo'.

Can think of a better name?

Suggest away!