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How This Local Retailer Brought Joy To The Underprivileged This CNY


What a noble deed!

How This Local Retailer Brought Joy To The Underprivileged This CNY
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and that means one thing: a lot of food, a lot of ang pows being exchanged and generally, a lot of fun and laughter as families get together to celebrate the festivities.

However, not many families out there are that fortunate.

Somewhere out there, a family is probably struggling to make ends meet, wondering where or when their next meal will come from (or, if any).

Hence, this local retailer has been working hard to ensure that some of these underprivileged families can have an awesome Chinese New Year celebration too.

The gift of prosperity

Late last year, Tesco Malaysia launched their ‘Semua Ong Mali’ campaign to usher in the Lunar New Year (you can read more about it here).

As part of that campaign, Tesco Malaysia also introduced their brand new corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative called Gift of Prosperity, a campaign where the local retailer go all out to provide as much support as they can for the underprivileged.

In fact, the practice has been going on since 2016!

Working together with non-governmental organisation Kechara Soup Kitchen (Kechara), they have helped 12,387 underprivileged individuals and families through the donations of unsold but edible food through their network of 60 stores across Malaysia.

“When these individuals and families receive this donation, they will be able to save some money and use it for needful things like their children education and house rentals.

“The extent of the collection versus before the partnership with Tesco is significantly far reaching. Through the donation of unsold but edible foods collected daily, we have more to give. When we have more to give, we get to help more people,” said Justin Cheah, Kechara’s Operations Director.

Essential items

So, what can one find in a Gift of Prosperity package?

According to Tesco Malaysia, the Gift of Prosperity is represented in a gift card format designed to look like an ang pow packet.

The actual GOP set contains essential food items such as tuna, instant oats, assorted biscuits, orange cordial, a 10kg packet of rice, vermicelli, cooking oil and many more

These items were actually handpicked by the good people at Kechara, following the feedback from the underprivileged communities that they have been working with.

You could help out too

While you’re shopping for your Chinese New Year essentials, why not help out the underprivileged too?

You can purchase the Gift of Prosperity for as low as RM25, but why not go for the big one for just RM50?

Like they say; the more you give, the more you’ll receive in return.

The Gift of Prosperity package actually costs RM60, but Tesco will be absorbing the price difference to make it more affordable for you to help out.

The cards can be purchased at the check-out counters, Tesco Online, Lazada and Shopee until 5 February 2020.

The Gift of Prosperity packages purchased by customers will then be delivered Kechara to its existing beneficiaries such as the Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre, Persatuan Kebajikan Penyayang Kulai, Penang Home for the Infirm and Aged, Ebenezer Home Care Centre and many more.

What are you waiting for, guys? Go out and spread some CNY cheer lah!

For more information, check out their official website or give their Facebook page a ‘Like’.