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Dad Orders Dinosaur Toy For Son, Didn't Know It Was Life-Sized Until It Arrived In A Crane

He certainly was not expecting something that big!

Dad Orders Dinosaur Toy For Son, Didn't Know It Was Life-Sized Until It Arrived In A Crane
People now prefer shopping online because it's more convenient, and more comfortable because you don't need to push around in a crowded mall.

However, while it’s so much more convenient to shop online, sometimes, you really do not get the actual product that you ordered.

We've heard about those crazy online shopping stories, but for one Andre Bisson from Guernsey, United Kingdom, his online shopping horror story was a little bit different. 

It arrived in a crane

This is a big boy.
According to The Sun, it all started when his four-year-old son Theo asked for "the biggest carnotaur you've ever seen".

Coincidentally, Bisson's wife noticed that an amusement park nearby was getting rid of its dinosaur statues.

"I checked the website straight away, and to my absolute amazement they had a carnotaur. Listed for £1,000 (RM 5,336), I just had to get this for Theo,” he told the news portal.

Too big for a truck.
Here's the problem: Bisson did not know how big the dinosaur 'toy' was until the shipping company informed him that Chaz (the name they gave the dinosaur) couldn’t fit in their truck.

Despite that, he was taken by surprise when an almost six-meter long dinosaur was delivered to his house, and because it was a big fella, it had to be lifted into his garden with a crane.

"The delivery team literally took about 30/40 minutes from when they arrived along the coast to Chaz being dropped in," he was quoted as saying.

Special delivery for little Theo.
Bisson told The Sun that when he was making the purchase, he could not gauge the actual size of the dinosaurs being sold online as the website only provides a thumbnail image.

So, was little Theo happy with his new dinosaur toy? 

Little Theo now has a giant dinosaur friend.
"Theo didn't want to go to school as he didn't want to leave him, he thought he'd be home alone - he wanted to take him on the yellow crane.

"He said he was hungry, so we cooked fish fingers and fed him. Theo and Chaz are best buds - he's got a pet dinosaur," Bisson told Ladbible.

One thing's for sure though: that's definitely the biggest carnotaur we've ever seen!