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A Cat In China Was Spotted Wearing A Face Mask Because Prevention Is Better Than Cure?

We need some mask too.

A Cat In China Was Spotted Wearing A Face Mask Because Prevention Is Better Than Cure?
Needless to say, the Covid-19 (previously coronavirus, in case you're not familiar with its new name) has sparked worldwide panic.

Shelves are being cleaned out, face masks and hand sanitisers are sold out everywhere; so yeah, the fear is real.

So real, in fact, some people are taking preventive measures to protect their beloved pets.

Home-made face masks

Several photos showing a cat (hilariously?) wearing a home-made mask with cut-out eye holes have gone massively viral on social media

According to a report by Daily Star, the photos were taken in China, but no mention on precisely when the photos were taken.

'Hi, it's me, masked cat'.
In one photo, the black-and-white cat was seen peering out anxiously from two little holes in the mask.

In another photo, the cat can be seen being walked by its owner with a blue full-sized surgical mask covering its face.

Maybe the kitty is out to fight crime?

Cat-man, is that you?
The photos quickly went viral on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo.

Interestingly, several other Chinese netizens also chipped in, sharing photos of their pets wearing protective masks or a full home-made suit, like this one:

Better be safe than sorry.

Overly cautious?

Before you say that the owners are being too extra, your kitty apparently can catch the same virus as you.

According to the Ontario Veterinary College, cats can apparently catch the same viruses as humans, especially the H1N1 virus, (also known as the swine flu).

Interestingly, dogs can't catch the same viruses that we do, because they are good bois.

Thankfully, there were no reports of cats getting infected with the Covid-19 virus, so maybe the mask worked?