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You Can Soon Get A Pair Of Crocs That Looks And Smells Like KFC Fried Chicken!

A yummylicious creation?

You Can Soon Get A Pair Of Crocs That Looks And Smells Like KFC Fried Chicken!

It's probably one of the strangest collaborations announced this year (so far).

Crocs and KFC have come together to create a limited-edition footwear collection.

Called the Kentucky Fried Chicken X Crocs Clogs, the footwear has two fried chicken charms or Jibbitz, pictures of the signature KFC dish plastered across the creation and if you like to whiff your shoes (like most people do - according to the designers at Crocs and KFC), it even smells like fried chicken!

We now give you a moment to process this information.


It has already been worn by an artist

Now, check out the promo video featuring the artist Me Love Me a Lot a.k.a MLMA.

MLMA also debuted the shoes at the New York Fashion Week people!


A post shared by M҉L҉M҉A҉ 멜로 (@melovemealot) on

The fascinating collection comes in two editions which include a 'Bucket Clog' described as a "sky-high, platform avant-garde version" and the 'Classic Clog'.

A classic take.

For the extra spicy fashionista.

Add on more Jibbitz if you like.

Fashion (waaay) forward and comfortable

"Combining the unmistakable look of our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket, with the unparalleled comfort and style of Crocs, these shoes are what fried chicken footwear dreams are made of," said Andrea Zahumensky, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC US, as quoted in the report.

The limited-edition footwear will retail for US$60 (RM248).

We actually think it's a pretty funky looking collection. A biiiit the mahal but if we had the money to spare, why not!?

For all you intermittent fasting people, it could also be a level up challenge for you! LOL!