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Indian Buffalo Racer May Dethrone Usain Bolt As Fastest Man In The World

Srinivas Gowda ran 142.50 metres in 13.62 seconds!

Indian Buffalo Racer May Dethrone Usain Bolt As Fastest Man In The World
The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, may now have a contender for the title.

Indian farmer Srinivas Gowda astounded spectators during a recent traditional buffalo race known as Kambala by running 142.50 metres in 13.62 seconds.

The record-breaking feat was done on an uneven mud-filled track in Karnataka.

Excited commenters feel that with a proper track, Srinivas could easily run 100 metres in 9.55 seconds, which is 0.03 seconds faster than Bolt!

Run Srinivas, run!

Indian's top guns take notice

According to AFP, the 28-year-old's epic run created such a buzz that even the Indian sports authorities took notice.

India's junior sports minister Kiren Rijiju confirmed that Srinivas has been contacted and will be brought to New Delhi to undergo trials under the country's best coaches.

Srinivas says no to trials, for now

Srinivas however when contacted about the trials said that he needed to focus on the Kambala races for the next few weeks and would need time to recover.

"I have injured my leg and my focus is on Kambala. I am used to running with buffalo in the paddy fields," he said when speaking to BBC Hindi.

Devoted to Kambala races.
Kambala authorities later announced that Srinivas was not rejecting the offer but would most probably go for the trials at a later date.

Despite all the excitement, some still think that he will not be able to break Bolt's record because he could have been led on by the buffaloes.

Well, we'll just have to wait and see if Srinivas can sprint his way to the top.