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Finally! Disney Is Planning A Live-Action Film For ‘Rapunzel’

Will it be set within the ‘Tangled’ universe?

Finally! Disney Is Planning A Live-Action Film For ‘Rapunzel’
Disney has recently announced a couple of titles that will be adapted into live-action films.
And the latest story to join the live-action bandwagon is ‘Rapunzel’.
According to The DisInsider, Disney is set to make a live-action film based on the long-haired maiden.

Still looking for a director

But before you start envisioning who will play the handsome Flynn Rider (Rapunzel’s love interest), no word yet whether this film will be based off Disney’s hit film ‘Tangled’.
The best scene in 'Tangled'!
The House of Mouse is currently on the hunt for someone to fill in the director’s chair for the live-action adaptation.
'Rapunzel’ will also reportedly be made for a theatrical release and not for their streaming site Disney+.

Previously, fans have been harping for a live-adaptation of 'Tangled' and once the news came out, many have offered their opinion on who should be casted although there are no confirmation whether new film will be set in the 'Tangled' universe.

Well, one can always dream, right?
So, who do you think should play Rapunzel in this live-action adaptation?

Let's hope we won't have to wait as long as Rapunzel's hair until the movie comes out.