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5 Signs That You Might Be Ready To Be Your Own Boss

Time to follow your gut instinct!

5 Signs That You Might Be Ready To Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever felt you are meant to be independent and have no much interest in fitting into ordinary society? Were you born to be an entrepreneur? Here are signs to prove that you are a born BAWSE and your gut instinct is always RIGHT!



#1 Taking Charge On Your Own


You don’t usually wait for others’ approval or orders. You do what you think is right. When you want things to be done, you will tend to do it on your own instead of depending on others to help you out. Rather than over analyzing things, you will take action decisively and definitely results-oriented as well. It’s about having the freedom to create the value you want to see in the world.

#2 Higher Emotional Empathy

Who says entrepreneurs are all about being smart and intelligent? A good entrepreneur is the one who knows how to manage his/her own emotions after all. If you are that sober kid who cries for not being able to sell your scented erasers in your school, then na’ah! Entrepreneurship will never be your thing. 

So, instead of making a fuss, you will find a way to think optimistically and take decisions according to it.



#3 Having Constant Ideas On Improving Things Around You


Have you had that uneasy feeling after seeing certain things around you and have an own thought on how to improve it if you were in their place? Have you ever thought how certain things would be if it was improved in other ways? Your focus is often on upgrading things around you or your life. Having that quality of focusing on optimizing or improving is a great sign that you might be an entrepreneur! 

#4 Refusal To Stay On Your Comfort Zone

Entrepreneurship is about getting out of your comfort zone every single day. The only thing that’s certain is that there will always be a new challenge to throw you off balance. On top of that, you tend to be willing and able to take challenges head on and try to find the best outcome despite the uncharted situations and difficult decisions. 

If you are able to step out of your comfort zone, then you are the one! Besides, everything you want is outside of your comfort zone anyway!



#5 Spontaneous Leader, You Are!

Whether it’s leading your team in a football game or guiding a group of friends, you tend to take charges as a leader in situations, naturally. This isn’t something you can learn in a classroom. You’re born with it! Are you the “Tommy Pickles” of your group of friends?



Do you possess any of these behaviors and reaffirm that you are a born entrepreneur? If this list sounds like you, maybe someday, you’ll be the founder of the next major company. ALL THE BEST!!  Don’t forget to watch Hello I have Issues on Astro Hello Channel 110 and On-Demand to know more about Business Startups!