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Productive Things You Can Do At Home With Family

Family togetherness is important especially during times of distress.

Productive Things You Can Do At Home With Family

No matter how frustrated we are, there’s nothing we can do besides stay home for now. This time at home could be a blessing in disguise for us wanting to do the things we didn’t have time before. So, what are the simple ways to maximize your family time at home? Let’s take a look!

#House Chores

Doing house chores together is one way you can bond with your family and teach them valuable life skills. Assigning chores is the most productive way of teaching responsibility at the same time will help foster good communication skills between your family members as well. If you can turn chores into something FUN, they might not be despised so much.


#DIY Projects

Recreating a family hot spot in your house would also be he best way to maximize your family time. Whether it’s painting a room, setting up a picture frame or anything else, creating something together is a special experience. For instance, choose a place in your house that really needs a makeover, take a vote with your family on how you could transform the place and come up with any theme that you prefer. Accomplishing it with some paint or a few pieces of DIY artwork would be great too!

Fun idea: Let each member of the family take a picture of everyone else, then create an album that shows you how each of you see the family. It’s all about having a good family project to work on!


#Set A Game Night

Let it be Monopoly or Uno or Lego or Hide & Seek. You can choose either board games, which are abound or a physical activity to play inside your home. This will give you additional time to talk and nurture the relationship. It’s so much fun to get together with family and laugh the whole day away-without getting bored!


#Stay Connected

Meanwhile for those who are stuck away from family, you might be far disconnected in location, but with a savvy app you can be as connected as ever. Whatsapp allows you to create a big family group conversation, where everyone can participate and get involved on your life’s updates. With a live video call, like FaceTime, you can talk to your family as though you’re right there with them.


Distance is never easy whatever the relationship, but to keep it strong it takes dedicated time and effort. Find out what coping tool works best for you and your family and soon it’ll become easier. Like they say “Love doesn't cost a dang ringgit!” To learn more about L-O-V-E watch Hello I have Issues!