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Striving Towards A Zero Waste Lifestyle

Live simply so that others may simply live.

Striving Towards A Zero Waste Lifestyle

With all that is happening in the world, it’s comforting to know that people are interested in the idea of zero waste. Wouldn’t it be amazing if us millennials gear ourselves towards a zero waste lifestyle?


Yes, IT ALL STARTS WITH US! If you are living under a rock (I hope you’re not), the strike of the pandemic has made us more aware and responsible to live in a safer environment. However, some of us could still be clinging on to our old habits as we adapt to a changing lifestyle. 

What does that even mean? 

For a start, our overwhelming need for convenience and comfort. Selfish ambitions may sometimes get in the way and although it successfully meets our needs or wants, it is also subtly destroying our surroundings.


The city  life has made us want to obtain things the quickest way. Since most people are pressing for time, the “zero waste lifestyle” seems inefficient. For example, when you forget to bring an eco-friendly bag to the grocery store, plastic bags become the ideal option.

Come on guys, you know that’s true.

Moreover, knowing that the store gives us the ease of carrying our grocery items, we eventually settle for that suitable option the next time we’re going to the store.



Let’s expand the “plastic talk” even further, shall we?

A lot of our favourite snacks and drinks come in plastic packaging. Now, we can’t buy most of those things in a different packaging. It’s just unavoidable. However, we can do ourselves and the environment a favour by separating the “plastics” to be recycled. 

It’s a simple step made difficult because it goes against our everyday norm.


So, how else can we promote this “zero waste lifestyle”? 

We can practice the use of reusable items. Do you have an empty peanut butter or jam jar? Instead of throwing it away, use it! Stainless steel and glass containers are highly encouraged because not only are they recyclable, they are also long lasting. Isn’t that great?

I know some of you must be wondering, “I’m not filthy rich to replace all my plastic containers!” 

Yes, that’s so true. However, committing to a changed lifestyle means making room for progress. Some plastic containers can still temporarily be reused till a good replacement is found. The idea here is that we are creating a habit of minimizing new plastic purchases and increasing the use of waste-free products.

“ Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.” -

So, where does that leave us?

Let us begin to implement what was once recognized or made aware. Striving towards a zero waste lifestyle is only possible when each one begins to do something about it. Think of it this way. Every time you refuse to purchase “waste” is one step closer to saving yourself and the planet. 

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