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Rundown On Relatable Ramadan TikToks

Ramadan TikTok got us saying - That’s so relatable ya habibi..

Rundown On Relatable Ramadan TikToks

TikTok used to be the butt of everyone’s jokes for its cringyness but alas, how the tables have turned. It seems that everyone from your next door neighbour to Jessica Alba has downloaded the app.
The app has definitely found itself in new light with social media users saying that it is the reincarnation of Vine. TikTok now features dance challenges, handy DIYs, short films, funny skits and more. We personally love the dance challenges, tipu lah if you guys didn’t try the Say So dance...


But what we love the most about TikTok is its spot on relatable videos and during Ramadan, the content just gets more and more hilarious you can’t help but hit the like button over and over like it’s not doing your reaction justice.
Here we have compiled some “LMAO… that’s so me” Ramadan TikToks for you to laugh your way to Hari Raya CMCO style.

#1 Types of People During Iftar



This one has to be our number one cause the way she accurately portrayed the interface when avatars are chosen in games with that smooth turn. Classic! We were literally on the floor when she wore the songkok after eating kurma. LOL.

#2  Sons VS Daughters During Iftar


Sorry guys.. but we got to admit that the girls of the family be extra proactive during that chaotic few minutes before Iftar while the mama’s boys be chilling in front of the TV. Kudos cause this one hits close to home.. probably too close. (don’t butt-hurt ah boys.. it’s the truth what..)

#3 The Full After 3 Bites Kind Of People


You can’t deny that there are people who even after fasting for the whole day, can only stomach a few bites of food during Iftar. We have no idea what’s the science behind it but it happens. We can’t stress enough how lucky these people are because they be walking out of Ramadan with a bomb new bod while the rest of us sobs in silence with yet another Ketupat in our hand on the morning of Raya.

#4 Expectation VS Reality



Here comes the group of people who swears that they will lose some weight during Bulan Puasa but just never does. No surprise though because they’ll be chugging down every snacks they could find in the kitchen the minute Iftar begins. Not to mention the late night snackings too. Oh we see you.. There’s nowhere to hide!

#5 How Muslims Drink Water


It is a well-known fact that there is a difference in how we drink water during Ramadan. When that precious few minutes before Sahur ends - will have you forcing water down your system even though you’ve probably have had enough already. We have no idea why.. but there’s something about that last drink of water before Sahur that somehow makes you feel without it, you can’t sustain the day.

#6 Sahur In Covid-19


There is no denying that Covid-19 and the movement control order has messed up our sleeping schedule so bad that we might even find ourselves still awake right before Sahur. What was once a familiar sight to see your siblings with their groggy sleepy faces in the early hours of the morning now looks the exact opposite as if they just had an energy bar, ever-present and ever-chirpy.

#7 Mother’s Ramadan Starter Pack


Our mothers have always had an archive full of greetings ready to spam everyone with wishes during any celebrations and Ramadan is no different. Now with the MCO and everyone is separated from their families, mothers everywhere must have had those Ramadan Kareem visuals ready to be broadcasted on WhatsApp just as the Anak Bulan announcement comes up.

#8 Female Struggles During Ramadan


Ah yes.. the untimely appearance of the blood bath during Ramadan. Imagine fasting for the whole day, you’ve basically fought all the demons in you to ignore all those food porn postings and. and. and. mukbangs! Then 10 minutes before berbuka you suddenly get your period.. like why? why god.. why??

#9 Holding That Fart In For Tarawih


Nothing like some good Malaysian TikTok to make something so relatable. Although we can’t do Tarawih in mosques like we used to, there are still some families who are opting to have the prayers at home. Imagine being at your last rakaah after a freaking long prayer and your butt decides to let a tiny whim of air slip out and all that prayer is basically down the drain. Damn son, we’d be crying too *sobs*

#10 Ads That Screams Ramadan Is Here


Kudos to this bro for naming just a few Ramadan ads that sorts of act like a signal that the fasting month is here. The kurma ad is totally spot on! Everybody knows if you start to hear the “Yusof Taiyoob” delicate, sultry whispers through your radio or TV, then it’s a signal that Ramadan is just around the corner.
Did we miss any? TikToks is totally a source of comedy relief in times of distress and it’s always fun to see the funny kind of content that makes you feel less alone. Humans are always seeking ways to be a part of something, to belong. It’s in our nature.
Here’s another relatable video that you can watch! This episode of Surely Malaysian uncovers how Malaysian celebrates the endless festivities we have in our country. We guarantee you guys can identify yourself or someone you know in this video!