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How Well Do You Know Your Kuih Raya?

Calling All Kuih Raya Connoisseur, This Quiz Is For You!

How Well Do You Know Your Kuih Raya?

OMG can you believe it? We’ve been fasting for a month already. Seems like it was only yesterday we heard the Anak Bulan announcement on TV and were a little bummed out because our Prime Minister just extended the MCO to May 12th. How time flies..
Well, tomorrow is Raya and whether we like it or not, we have to adapt to the new normal! It’s not that hard really.. especially for introverts that’s for sure. LOL. Just continue to practise good personal hygiene and be sure to keep a safe distance of 1 meter from everyone and like a good 500 meters from your ex. Yup guys, just throwing it out there.


Raya is not an excuse to reach out to your useless ex okay. DON’T DO IT! Instead, try your hand at this Kuih Raya quiz and see how many questions you could get right.


Food really connects us together, and what a somber moment it is for us all to not be able to have our mother’s or grandmother’s Kuih Raya, Ketupat and Lemang this year. But hey, on the bright side at least you could avoid that sudden gain weight on the first day of Raya from all that over-eating.


Besides, imagine all the “Bila nak kahwin? And “Course apa tu?” questions that you could deflect all thanks to this MCO. You can finally celebrate Raya in peace!
But then again, who are we kidding. Raya is just not the same without good food and the company of the people we love. It’s okay guys.. Stay strong! We can do this. You’re doing your country a favour.

While waiting for this dreadful MCO to end and you can finally eat all the food you ever wanted, watch this episode Hello I Have Issues with Zher and Keanu where they will be unraveling the mysteries of viral food.