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Pick Your Snacks And We’ll Pick Your Personality

Dear food, STOP being soooooooo delicious!

Pick Your Snacks And We’ll Pick Your Personality

Everyone has their own OBSESSION with snacks!
Particularly, we millennials just love trying all sorts of snacks whether it’s from the ones that are widely available to the rarest. We just dig in! Snacks are the all-time go to for anyone who just wants a good food company or to satisfy cravings.
Guess what…our choice of snacks does play a role in shaping our personality. Let’s be clear, NOT ENTIRELY though. Our cravings do resemble a part of us even though we struggle to make our choices. Anyways, let’s put your choice of snacks to the test. Do they really match your personality? Find out below!



Disclaimer: This quiz is provided for information only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified practitioner

Food is food! You literally can’t live without it. In fact, here in Malaysia we are all a bunch of food lovers since we have a huge variety of selection that comes from different and unique cultures. Watch this episode of What’s The Feed, and you’ll know for sure why it turns out to be our national hobby.