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Here's Proof That Malaysians Are Colourblind When It Comes To Helping Fellow Malaysians

Things to remember when racism rears it ugly head

Here's Proof That Malaysians Are Colourblind When It Comes To Helping Fellow Malaysians

We all know that social media can be a toxic place to be.

With the protests happening in the United States and #BlackLivesMatter trending, as well as the drunk driving issues being discussed, racism has reared its ugly head again. 

It's easy to get overwhelmed and angry surrounded by such news and arguments, so we're here to remind you that many Malaysians are pretty colourblind when it comes to helping each other and we, as a society, should strive to emulate such behaviour at all times. 

1) The #KitaJagaKita movement

When the Movement Control Order (MCO) first started and news of people struggling to make ends meet came out, Malaysians came out in droves to help fellow countrymen, whether individually or through initiatives such as the #KitaJagaKita movement. 

Nobody cared about the race of the person receiving or giving the aid; everyone just wanted to take care of each other. 

Whatever problems citizens have with policies and politicians, this is the Malaysia that many continue to fight for. 

2) This Malay man and his friends who helped a Chinese family to have a good new year

A good heart knows no race
Earlier this year, our hearts went 'aww' when we saw news about Mohd Fadli Salleh and his friends from Dana Kita spending two weeks of their time helping to clean and make over the home of a poor Chinese family. 

The head of the household has chronic illnesses, and the wife is the only breadwinner of the family, working as a cleaner in an Ampang hotel. 

Mohd Fadli also found that the water supply to their apartment was cut off because the family could not afford to pay rent.

Nevertheless, Mohd Fadli and his friends managed to clean the unit in a People's Housing project (PPR) just in time to give the family a clean and clutter-free place to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

3) The folks who opened a free clinic for refugees

Healthcare for all
While Malaysia accepts refugees from several countries, they are not allowed to work in the country, making it almost impossible for them to make a living, let alone receive medical care. 

Hearing their plight, Qatar Charity (QC) and Yayasan Kebajikan Negara (YKN) opened a clinic last year to cater specifically to refugees in the country. 

The Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD) humanitarian clinic is also supported by leading medical relief NGOs in Malaysia, Mercy Malaysia, Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (IMARET) and Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) and UNHCR.

It doesn't matter if they are not Malaysians; we Malaysians are a caring bunch, kan?

4) The charitable man known as 'Uncle Kentang'

Doing all he can to help Malaysians.
If you regularly read news and other informative sites like, ahem, Rojak Daily, you're probably heard of 'Uncle Kentang' a.k.a Kuan Chee Heng. 

He constantly makes headlines for the good work he does for his community, including coming up with initiatives such as the 10 sen market, the RM1 ambulance and more. 

One of his latest good deeds is creating a free public kitchen to feed the hungry in Puchong. 

You can find out all about his work and how to help if you wish to through his Facebook

5) The Ustaz that cares for everyone


Sebak hati di perkampungan India di Sungkai. Saya di bawa oleh ketua kampung disini. Makcik ini kerja sawit. Berapa ringgit jer sehari. Menumpang jer rumah orang ditinggalkan. Rumah ini tiada air dan elektrik. Tiada dinding. Tuan tanah beri jer tumpangkan. Makcik ini tumpang tandas jirannya saudara juga. Tak sangka ada orang susah begini. Dah bertahun-tahun. Kasihan makcik ini. Sebak sayu. Saya ajak pindah rumah sewa baru. Dia nak dekat tempat kerja kutip buah. Saya belum dapat cari rumah betul-betul dekat situ. Saya ada tanya lagi betul-betul dekat situ dan ada cadangan nak tolong buatkan rumah dekat situ. Sedih rasa. Doakan yer dapat jalan penyelesaian dan dapat bantu. Bincang dengan ketua kampung tadi. Makcik ini baik sangat. Beri duit belanja dan barang dapur untuk masak-ebitlew

A post shared by Ebit Lew (@ebitlew) on

Another good-hearted soul who helps people regardless of their race or religion. 

If you follow him on social media, you can see all the good deeds Ustaz Ebit Lew does, including visiting Indian and Chinese villages to help those in need. 

When it comes to helping others, Ustaz Ebit has proven that there shouldn't be any qualification but the needs of the people receiving the assistance.

Be Kind, Be Colourblind

Being kind and saying no to racism starts with each one of us. No matter how many friends from different races we have, we each have our own prejudices. 

It's time we remind each other of what's good, educate ourselves about issues around us and be the change we wish to see. 

After all, despite where we come from or the colour of the skin, we are all Malaysians, and that's all that matters.