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'Naruto' Fans, You Can Become The Hokage Of This 'Naruto'-Themed Hotel Suite In Japan

Let's go!

'Naruto' Fans, You Can Become The Hokage Of This 'Naruto'-Themed Hotel Suite In Japan
Are you a fan of the 'Naruto' anime and manga? Always wanted to become a Hokage of your own village?

Well, now you can - sort of!

Gorgeous glamping hotel

A hotel in Japan has just open the doors to its 'Naruto'-themed suite.

The GRAND CHARIOT Hokutoshichisei 135° Hotel is a glamping hotel located near the newly-opened Awaji Island Anime Park located southwest of Osaka in the Hyogo Prefecture .

Gorgeous view of the city.
The hotel offers stunning views of the sea, and a cool island breeze for those looking to escape the heat (like us here in Malaysia, for example).

Perfect for a peaceful vacation.
We can stay in the hotel all day long.

Become your own Hokage

To attract the anime crowd, they recently unveiled their new 'Naruto'-themed room called Hokage's Villa 火影の別荘

And as you can expect, the suite is filled from top to bottom with all things 'Naruto':

'Naruto' fans will be so happy to see this.
Even 'Naruto' bedsheets.
Hold your Hokage meetings here.
There's even a space for you to do your own Summoning Jutsu just outside the suite:

Remember to stay clear, OK?
According to GRAND CHARIOT Hokutoshichisei 135° Hotel, the 'Naruto' suite can accomodate up to five people. 

And to make your stay a little bit sweeter, you get to bring home some 'Naruto' goodies as well, such as a 'Naruto'-themed yukata (bathing clothes) for you to lounge in, as well as an umbrella, pouch, stick candy and towels.

#TeamNaruto, wear this.And #TeamSasuke wear this.
On top of that, guests will also get free admission tickets to the 'Naruto' section of the Awaji Island Anime Park, 'NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobi Zato', where they can hang out and live their dream of being in an episode of 'Naruto' for one day.

Visit the Hokage statues.
Or hang out with the Akatsuki.Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

But if you plan on making the trip to Osaka to stay in this 'Naruto'-themed suite, you got to save up a little bit though. 

A one-night stay in the suite would cost you around ¥93,000 (RM3,645), so yeah, it's not cheap being a Hokage.

OK lah, we're going to start saving up from now on and hopefully, we will be able to make it there before we're as old as the Third Hokage.