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The Huge Influence Of Social Media

The hidden power that makes or breaks your social life.

The Huge Influence Of Social Media

Has social media ever gotten the best of you? Who are we kidding, like almost all the time!
We are living in a world where modern technology has opened many doors of opportunities for people to have a more effective and efficient mode of communication. We’ve got Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, and the list goes on and on and on! Millennials have truly taken their social life to the next level and sometimes a tiny bit too extreme.



Over the recent years, the impact of social media has surely made a difference in the lives of the current generation. We are all caught up with all sorts of news, trends, new connections because of social media. Some are good and some are bad. Come on guys, you know you can testify to this. Today, it literally sounds like you’re committing crime if you don’t have social media!
So, what does that say for all social media users? Are we addicted to it? We can’t have a social life outside social media? Is social media just another form of entertainment? Sooooooo many questions!

Alright, calm down people! We’ll get over these questions in a jiffy.



First of all, the world is transitioning into something new every day for better improvements to individuals, families, societies, and the whole world. Likewise, social media was designed for better and easier social interactions that can be among small groups of people or for the whole world to see.

However, the influence is so great that it’s magnetic. Yeah, it’s STUCK WITH YOU! In recent years and even at this day and age, the debate of whether social media is good or bad for you still goes on. Like why? Although some may say it’s a generational gap thing, it’s not the only reason why.
Hey millennials, here’s an example you would probably relate to. Y’all remember once upon a time when your parents constantly nagged at you to stop using Facebook by saying it’s dangerous, not safe and certainly a waste of time? What happened as time went by? They got their own Facebook account! Could this mean that social media has the power to change the minds of its ‘haters’? (Consider this as your thought of the day.)

Social media has become a platform for the expression of opinion that is made by politicians and civilians. It is also now a tool for all businesses to make their promotion and engage with their audience. Heck, it is a business by itself! I’m sure you’ve heard about the big bucks made by social influencers through social media and it has created new kinds of job opportunities.
That doesn’t sound bad at all, right? Hold on, there are a few downsides. This is also the place where all the ‘virtual drama’ happens. From inappropriate contents to cyberbullying…they’re all there! If you think about it, all that happens in real life is just now being digitised. 
So, where do we stand as social media users? Watch the video below and judge for yourselves.


Guys, let’s be clear that we are not here to take sides whether it’s good or bad. “Great, now we’ll never know”, some of you may say but reality checks that it varies according to each individual and what they do! Even though it draws you in with its fancy offers, what you do with it will make you or break you.
A wise man once said,

“You are responsible for everything you post and everything you post will be a reflection of you. [Social Media]” - Germany Kent

We may have accidentally stirred your appetite with this intriguing topic. Watch this episode of Hello I Have Issues to uncover more about social media.