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Malaysians Question The Presence Of Gigantic Ivory Tusks In Tun M’s Living Room

Are they real though?

Malaysians Question The Presence Of Gigantic Ivory Tusks In Tun M’s Living Room
Tun Mahathir Mohamed, or also known as Tun M, is probably spending more quality time at home with his family ever since his resignation and also due to the Movement Control Order.
Recently, Tun M shared a photo of him watching the Parlimen Digital debate, which featured hundreds of youths from across Malaysia tabling their agendas for a better Malaysia.
But what caught Malaysians’ attention in the photo wasn’t actually the debate, but two humungous ornaments towering behind his laptop.

Malaysians have questions 

The ornaments resemble two elephant tusks, which were towering a TV set in the living room.
Several Malaysians who took notice of the elephant in the room asked the authenticity of the tusks while others questioned him for owning them despite the fact that his family members are animal and nature advocates.
The nonagenarian has not responded to any of these questions so far.
Popular local conservation group, Zoologi Malaysia, also expressed their curiousity over the presence of the elephant trunks.
While many seemed unhappy with the finding, there were also several Malaysians who explained that the ivory might be a gift from other world leaders from the 1970s or 1980s when laws on ivory trade were pretty lax.
Ivory trade has been banned for decades and if you are caught smuggling them into the country, you will be charged under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010.