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Malaysia's First Ever Drive-In Cinema Has Gotten The Green Light From The Government

We will be able to watch movies under the stars soon

Malaysia's First Ever Drive-In Cinema Has Gotten The Green Light From The Government
We were overjoyed when we heard the recent announcement by M-Junction that we're going to have the first ever drive-in cinema in the country. 

Considering that we've been deprived of cinema-going experience for a few months and the release dates of many of the movies we're looking forward to have been pushed back, this piece of news is very much welcomed. 

Not only it is something that many people are looking forward to experiencing first hand, but there's also the extra bonus of a sense of security that comes from knowing that you won't come into contact with anyone else since the coronavirus is still out there. 

The government has given the go-ahead

Security Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, during his daily press conference, said that the government has approved the application for a drive-in cinema to be opened in Malaysia. 

As usual, SOPs have to be followed to ensure that social distancing and all the other measures against COVID-19 are observed. 

Some of the rules that has to be followed are customers are required to stay in their cars at all times, and food can only be purchased at a drive-thru restaurant or booth. 

Follow the SOPs, you guys!
"Rela members will also have to be present for crowd control," he was further quoted as saying. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, as the local council, will be coming up with a complete set of rules that will have to be followed. 

Looks like we'll soon get to watch movies under the stars. 

In case you missed the news, here's a brief recap: