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Malaysian Guy Spends RM10,000 To Turn His Dad Into The Coolest Hypebeast You’ll Ever Meet

He's making all the other dads jealous of him.

Malaysian Guy Spends RM10,000 To Turn His Dad Into The Coolest Hypebeast You’ll Ever Meet
You’ve probably seen hundreds of YouTube videos where social media influencers attempt to give themselves, or their closest friends or strangers, a complete top-to-toe makeover.
But have you seen videos where they give their parents, or specifically their dads, a makeover that would make them 30 years younger and 100 times cooler?

Becoming a hypebeast 

Local YouTuber Muhammad Ashraf Khairul Anuar recently spent RM10,000 to transform his dad into a hypebeast, and his video went viral on social media recently.

His father, Khairul Anuar Anas, was given a new haircut and also branded clothes and shoes from high-end brands like Gucci, Burberry, Nike, and Supreme, which according to Ahsraf, were all bought from thrift/second-hand stores.

In the video, his 52-year-old father looked half his age and definitely oozed street style, especially when he posed around with some much sought-after Supreme items.
He got some Burberry, some Gucci, he's LIT!
Netizens were impressed with the transformation and even suggested that Ashraf give the same makeover to his mother.
In an interview with Harian Metro, the 20-year-old said initially his father was a bit awkward with the transformation, but gained confidence soon after.
“As a son, I’m so happy to have such a sporting dad who’s willing to participate in the shoot from start to finish.”
Khairul Anuar, on the other hand, said that this is the first time he’s dressed like that and he did all because of his son.
Aww, what a cute video and bonding session! Perhaps its time for you to treat your parents to a makeover too?