Woman Who Was Recording Her Moving Baby Bump Gets A Creepy Surprise Instead

What was that?!

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Woman Who Was Recording Her Moving Baby Bump Gets A Creepy Surprise Instead

'Room service!'

When the whole world went into lockdown, bored citizens started turning to social media sites to cure their boredom.

You know who else turned to social media sites? Apparently, ghost and spirits too:

Here’s another one to ‘spice’ up your day.

Figure caught on camera

Like most pregnant women, a woman from the UK was filming her moving baby bump, but she captured something unexplainable on film instead.

The video clip has since gone viral after it was uploaded onto popular forum Reddit by a user, who claimed that his sister had been alone at a house alone, with only a kitten and a dog for company.

It was just a normal social media video...
According to a report by Mirror UK, the woman was filming her moving baby bump, and her kitten can be heard meowing loudly outside the door.

It was just an ordinary video and it wasn't until she uploaded it onto Snapchat that she realised there's nothing ordinary about the video.

She noticed a terrifying figure appear to rise up at the foot of the bed, like "a head is popping up", right before the video ends.

Here's the video:
Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this. It happens at the end and this is a video my pregnant little sister took originally because the baby was moving and she thought her kitty was crying because his companion had just had to be put down. from r/Ghosts

According to the Reddit user, u/malakaijamess, her sister had felt uneasy the entire time she was at the house.

"That was her last night in that house and she didn’t have any other stuff happen. She was only there for a week and said the whole time the house felt heavy and like someone was watching her,” he said.

Creepy stuff!

...except that it's not.
While some were terrified by the clip ("I am scared. Is sister ok?," one wrote), others theorised that it was one of her pets.

The user, however, clarified that there’s no way that the figure was her cat or dog as both were white, and the thing that popped up near her bed was "brown with a red aura around it", another Reddit user noted.

This is certainly very creepy, if you ask us. What do you guys think it is?

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