Klang Man Turns Living Room Into Milo Gallery With Hundreds Of Collectibles

Such dedication.

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Klang Man Turns Living Room Into Milo Gallery With Hundreds Of Collectibles

That's a lot of Milo products.

Think you love Milo?

Bet you can’t beat this man’s love for Malaysia’s favourite chocolate malt drink.

 Mohd Yusof Ali is a superfan of Milo, and he has always associated the brand with happy memories of his late father who owned a sundry shop.

The 41-year-old began collecting the brand’s merchandise and gifts 15 years ago as a tribute to his dad.

“I’ve been a Milo collector for 15 years. My interest began when I was a kid in the 1980s and suppliers used to drop off Milo goods at our store.

“We would always get free gifts with the delivery, like pencil boxes and water bottles.

“When I became an adult, I started having a sense of nostalgia for these items, so I started collecting them. Now, I have everything from old Milo tins to umbrellas,” Yusof told Malay Mail.

A true Milo lover

He owns over 1,000 Milo related items, including mugs, clothing, pins, and posters. 

He has also lost count of how much money he spent on getting the items.

Years of collecting.

These items are proudly displayed in the living room of his house, which has been turned into a gallery.

His Milo collection always piques the interest of other Milo enthusiasts who often request to view his gallery in person.

“Sometimes, I have friends from different states who stop by Klang and ask if they can come to my place and see my collection.

“Whenever I have the time, I’ll make sure to invite them over,” he said.

For the love of Milo.
Yusof also started a Facebook group for Malaysian Milo enthusiasts so that people can share their collections and exchange items if they wanted to.

Yusof may have come a long way with his Milo collection, but he has no plans to stop the journey anytime soon.

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