Craziest Rules Some Parents Have Tried Upon Their Kids

And you thought your parents took things too far…

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Craziest Rules Some Parents Have Tried Upon Their Kids

From not being allowed to go ANYWHERE to being questioned about every action, growing up with strict parents has its own set of challenges. Although you may not agree with the rules, you LITERALLY have no choice but to oblige though. Yes, we’re all in the same boat. *sobs*



If you think your parents were hard on you and ONLY you, you might reconsider that thought at the end of this article. Some of the craziest include:




1.  Strict parents that aren’t strict but are also strict.

As the coronavirus crisis has confined millions of people around the world to their homes, we all know it’s NOT EASY to stay grounded, especially when you have to deal with strict parents throughout the whole movement control order. Wait. Do we even have a choice?

I feel like I’m in high school again. Before the pandemic got crazy, my parents would say, ‘Why do you want to go out — it’s family time?’ Now they just don’t want me to leave the house.” - Gabriela Miranda, 21

“My mom’s voice is so loud even our neighbors fall out his bed, brush his teeth and get dressed.” - @qtusworld

“Raised my voice a tad bit on my mom when she told me something that doesn’t make sense and in return, I got a good lecture for it.” - @tyler31_

“I asked my mom if we can order Mcdonalds, and my asian a** mom said NO, we have good food in the fridge.” – Vanessa, 30

“I am not allowed to talk to my friends via google meet for a long time. Last time I talked to my friend for 1 hour FOR THE FIRST TIME in 4 months and she took away my books.” – Jasmine Law , 16

“I must pay attention when they are talking. Last time, I zoned out and was forced to copy two pages of s**t. – Zachary, 19

2. Dictating child's college plan

If they are able to do without your brother, they are able to do without you too.




3. Parents who never forgot an innocent mistake.


Parents : Not until you’re 18
*turns 18*
Parents : Not until you’re 21
*turns 21*
Parents : Not while you’re still staying under our roof!
Child : UGHHHHH!!!!




4. They are everywhere.

Asking permission for a sleepover at your friend’s house or even to the movies took 37 hours of mental preparation, a detailed proposal of your friend’s family tree, and a signed contract in your blood saying you wouldn’t have any other agenda and most importantly be back by 10pm.


Meanwhile for @seafiretide she holds this phrase tightly; “when there’s a will, there’s a way”.

According to one expert, strict parents usually have more successful children. So, even if it was hell, with the constant nagging and trying to stay on top was surely difficult to bear, you’ll end up thanking them for the way they treated you.

Most children consider strict parents their true enemy while growing up, but we assure you that putting up with it will help you later in life. They may make your life seem impossible sometimes, but you will end up thanking them when you’re an adult. You will recognize and appreciate all the effort your parents gave to raise you right, and you will try adopting the same approach for your children.

Now feel your breath, with every inhale and exhale you feel alive, do you understand who has given you this feeling?

Be sure to watch this episode of What’s The Feed : Cash Or Cashless / Nursing Homes For Parents as Denise and guests debate on the topic of sending our ageing parents to a nursing home. Is it best for you and your parents as well?

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