Burger King Introduces Whopper Burgers Made From Cows That Fart Less

In the name of tackling climate change.

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Burger King Introduces Whopper Burgers Made From Cows That Fart Less

Cows can now fart less, according to Burger King.

Climate change is no joke, as we've seen how global warming is affecting the planet.

Thankfully, there are companies out there who are making a conscious effort to save the environment.

Fast food chain Burger King is one of them, although their effort is more on the bizarre side. 

It's in the beef

AFP-Relaxnews reported that the burger chain in the United States will be introducing a brand new version of their iconic Whopper Burger in a bid to tackle climate change.

What's new, you ask? Well, the beef used to make the beef patty comes from cows that fart and burp less. 

Yes, you read that right.

Burger King is saving the planet, one cow at a time.
According to the report, selected Burger King outlets in New York, Miami, Portland, Los Angeles and Austin will be serving Whoppers made from “reduced methane emissions” beef.

We know what you're going to ask next: how do they make the cows release less methane that has been a significant cause of global warming?

It’s simple! They just add 100 grams of lemongrass leaves to a cow's diet late into their life.

Doing whatever it takes to save the planet.
Burger King said initial study results revealed that the diet caused up to 33 per cent reduction in methane emissions from cows.

“At Burger King, we believe that delicious, affordable, and convenient meals can also be sustainable,” global chief marketing officer Fernando Machado was quoted as saying.

Well, kudos to Burger King for doing their part to help save the planet.

Now, all we need is to get the seven billion people in the world to eat some lemongrass, so that we could fart less and hopefully, that would help save the planet more.

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