Is Your Undertone Warm Or Cool?

It can be pretty tricky but we’re here to help you out in 5 quick steps!

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Is Your Undertone Warm Or Cool?

Have you ever go gaga at someone’s look and style and tried to replicate it but to no avail? You even bought the exact same colour top from the exact same store but it just doesn’t look cute on you? And the mystery continues because you could see that you share the same body size as this hypothetical person and your skin falls in the same range of skin tone as them. So what’s not adding up??

It’s time to get educated.. That missing equation is your UNDERTONE! 


Lǎoshī, lǎoshī what is that ??? 

Okay kids, undertone is basically the natural colour underneath the surface of your skin that affects the overall hue of your complexion. 





Lǎoshī, lǎoshī why is identifying your undertone important ??? 

Good question class, knowing which colour is your undertone is suuuuper important because that’s how you determine which foundation or lipstick colour would look good on you. Two person could share a relatively same shade of fair or dark skin. But the undertone is where the similarity diverge into their own path (cue somber music).




Lǎoshī, lǎoshī how many undertones are there??? 

Wahh so many questions ahh, it’s okay knowledge is good! So commonly, there are 3 undertones; warm, cool or neutral. People with warm undertones generally have peach to yellow and golden skin colour, think Beyonce, Jessica Alba or Blake Lively. Cool undertones pact possess pink to bluish hues, think Song Hye Kyo, Lupita Nyong’o or  Billie Eilish. Last but not least is the neutral colours! Your undertones sit between the two ends of the undertones spectrum, think Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart or Sandra Bullock.


So how exactly do you determine your undertones?? Don’t worry there’s no linear equation or formula involved. You can now shop for the colour that complements your skin in 5 easy steps.




Okay first, hold out both of your palms. Now look at your veins on your wrist. Can you see what colour your veins are? If they appear more green then you fall under the warm undertone category. If your veins have a blue or purplish hue to it, then you have cool undertones. But if your veins don’t lean more to either of the two colours then you have a neutral undertone.



Okay checking the colour variation of your jewelry is one of the easiest way to reveal which undertones your skin has. Now go and have a look at your jewelry stash, do you have more gold or silver blings? If you could see that you have more golden necklace, rings and bracelet then you have warm undertones. On the contrary, if your jewelry box is filled with silver pieces, then my dear you are on the cooler side of the undertones. If you have a little bit of both colours, then you know the drill. You’re a neutral tone.




Now think about how easily you get sunburn. Let us remind you that despite your skin tone or undertones, ALWAYS apply sunscreen whenever you are exposed to the sun, even if it’s indoors. Want to test your knowledge on skin care? Try out this quick skincare quiz. Any-hoo! Back to the subject. If you notice that you are prone to getting a sunburn, you have a cool undertone. If you tan quickly, then you have warmer undertones. If you have neutral undertones however, you tan slowly and you rarely get sunburn.




Once you’re done looking at your jewelry stash, rummage through your closet. See if you could identify what colour of clothing you lean more towards. If you have more earthy tones, like yellow, orange, yellow-green, brown, creamy white, and orangey-red fabrics, it is likely that you have a warm undertone. However, if your closet is full of jewel tones like purple, blue, green, blue-green, and true red, along with pink and black, then you have a cool undertone. If your closet is a mix and match of both then you ought to be on the neutral side.




Okay to test this last step out, what you need to do first is to grab an off white fabric and a true white fabric. Next, make sure that you have your bare face on and hair tied up in a ponytail. The reason for this is to ensure that your perception of your undertone won’t be skewed with distraction of foreign colours. Now go stand in a naturally lit room or area and  hold up the fabric close to your face. Do you look better in true white? If so, then you have a warm undertone. Now if the off-white fabric flatters your skin then your undertones are probably cool. If you find that both of them look bomb on you that you have neutral undertones!


Congratulations! You’ve graduated the undertones decoding class! Bravo to you! As a parting note, we would just like to highlight that you can actually rock any colour as long as you feel amazing in them. GO FOR IT SIS! Let this be merely a guide if you’re looking to find colours that would complement your skin tone. 


And finallyyyyy. Knowing your undertones would mean nothing if you are complacent about your skin care regimen. Not to worry, we have just the right guide for you. Watch Hello I Have Issue: Skincare to know more about how you can wear your skin with utter confidence. 


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