Malaysian Sets Social Media On Fire For Looking Like Shah Rukh Khan, But We've All Been Fooled

Don’t trust everything on social media!

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Malaysian Sets Social Media On Fire For Looking Like Shah Rukh Khan, But We've All Been Fooled
Facebook/Fendi Ismail

Nice try, dude.

You know the saying, 'don't trust everything you see on the internet'?

Well, this is a classic example of that saying.

Social media was fooled

Recently, a Malaysian set social media abuzz when he posted a selfie of himself on his Facebook page.

The man, Syaiful Afenddi, turned heads for looking a lot like like Bollywood heartthrob Shah Rukh Khan.

Take a look:

“Many are confused saying my eyes look like Shah Rukh Khan. No wonder many look at me differently... Feels scary,” he wrote in the post.

When his Facebook post went massively viral, the roti canai seller from Temerloh, Pahang decided to come clean: the pictures are fake.


Syaiful told Malay daily Harian Metro that he had used popular photo and video editing Faceapp to merge his image with that of Shah Rukh Khan’s.

The 44-year-old then shared the images on Facebook, and soon after, he started getting a lot of friend requests.

Not everyone is impressed.
“After my edited pictures went viral, I received many friend requests on Facebook especially from women.” 

However, not everyone was impressed by Syaiful's trickery - especially his wife, Siti Fatimah Abdullah.

Syaiful later apologised to those who were not amused when they found out that they had been duped by the edited images. 

At least the mosque got some attention.
Despite that, Syaiful said there were some good that came out of his pictures going viral. 

He told the Malay daily that his images helped to promote the Temerloh Jaya mosque.

“I am a member of the mosque’s publicity and media committee, so my viral images have indirectly drawn people to learn more about the mosque,” he said, adding that the mosque’s Facebook page also had more number of likes.

Well, we guessed that worked out pretty well for Syaiful then.

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