[PHOTOS] This New Retro A&W Outlet In Petaling Jaya Is Totally Instagram-Worthy

Totally instagram worthy!

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[PHOTOS] This New Retro A&W Outlet In Petaling Jaya Is Totally Instagram-Worthy
Did you know that A&W was the first fast food restaurant in Malaysia? It came to our shores in 1963 and has been a favourite among many ever since. 

To celebrate this, the fast food chain has opened a new outlet at the Seventeen Mall in Petaling Jaya with a combination of 60s, 70s and 80s vibe when funk, soul, disco and classics ruled the airways.

Featuring a modern take on chic retro design, complete with booths and bar seats, it’s an Instagrammer’s heaven!

Definitely Insta-worthy

In keeping with its nostalgic ambience, a jukebox offers retro music for customers’ dining pleasure for that truly classic vibe.

Able to accommodate more than 80 customers at any given time, there is also a Private Zone area which can accommodate up to 20 people for special functions such as birthday celebrations or parties.
A&W CEO George Ang, in a statement, said that the company was are excited to bring this new retro concept A&W.

"This reflects our continued commitment to customers, which is demonstrated with this new retro concept store. We wanted to bring back the ‘good old days’ while at the same time cater to a younger and modern generation of consumers.

"While the new store will certainly have its unique appeal with the older generation, we believe that even millennials will find this store ‘instagram worthy’ and truly unique,” George added.

We're not sure about you, but we're sure excited to have some A&W while listening to music on a jukebox and take pretty pictures for our Instagram! 

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