5 Wackiest/Most Creative Face Masks You Never Knew You Needed

We want em' all!

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5 Wackiest/Most Creative Face Masks You Never Knew You Needed

It's THE hottest fashion accessory of 2020 - and some would say for the next few years.

The humble face mask.

Any responsible person would not leave home without it, but you have to admit, sometimes it gets pretty boring when the most common options available are those blue and green ones.

If you're dying to let your inner diva out (without letting the virus in), check out some of these crazy over the top masks that you can purchase and make sure you damn well stand out of the crowd.

#1 - The Face Face Mask


Wearing my second face. #maskalike #selfiemask

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Price: Unknown, first batch sold for $28.00 (RM119.35)

There is actually a waiting list for these cool yet creepy masks called Maskalike.

The brainchild of California based designer Danielle Baskin, the masks were created to overcome facial recognition problems - a huge issue when most of the world started donning masks.

Adding face value.

While we love the idea of having the lower half of your face printed on these masks, we dare you to take it a step further.

Why not swap some of your features with your favourite iconic star?

Maybe get a full-lipped Angelina Jolie or an iconic gapped-tooth Madonna or perhaps just go all the way with a Steven Tyler mask (with the full tongue out and all). :P

For bulk orders or any other enquiries, email

#2 - The Ex-Straw-Dinary Face Mask

Just sippin' away.

Price: From RM35.48.

You know how it's incredibly annoying how you have to remove your mask every time you want to take a sip of iced coffee?

Well, someone actually came up with masks that have a small hole for straws to enter.

We're not sure who exactly came up with the concept first, but one version we like is this one by Ellen Macomber.

Sip without an issue.

The mask has a small opening at the mouth and an added third layer on the inside which works as a flap.

When straw goes in, flap opens and you can sip away. 

When straw goes out, flap closes and you can help keep COVID-19 away.

For Ellen's version, head to or you can check out other options on Etsy.

#3 - The Bling-A-Ling-A-Ling Face Mask


If you just gasped at the Thai-inspired bejewelled face mask above by designer Kennedy Jhon Gasper, we've got some great news for you!

There are plenty of bejewelled options available on websites like or even the one pictured below which screams 'look at me NOW NOW NOW' on

Bling it on!

Celebrities worldwide have also been sporting bejewelled masks but we're not sure if it protects as well though.

Billie Ellish at The Grammys

Nigerian beauty influencer Ifu Ennada.


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Hmmm... perhaps layer these shiny options with a normal mask or maybe just keep it for The Gram lah.

#4 The 'I Dare You Not To Laugh' Face Mask

Let's put a smile on that face!

Price: From RM7.99

The world is so serious right now and it is always good to take a little time to just LOL.

If you're determined to make someone's day or just want to make an unforgettable impact at your next office meeting, put on these masks!

It's guaranteed to turn heads and maybe end up with at least one friend going into a coughing and/or laughing fit.

 Selfie ready. 
Buy here: Shoppee

#5 The 'Leave Me The Hell Alone' Face Mask

Creepy but so cool!
Price: Takde cause she just made em' for herself.

We've written about talented Icelandic designer Ýrúrarí Jóhannsdóttir before.

READ: Icelandic Designer Knits Scary Masks To Remind People To Practice Social Distancing

So cool kan her masks! 

Monster masks like Ýrúrarí's scream 'Get away from me!' which is a great message to project during a pandemic. LOL!

Here's another cool alien facehugger mask by German designer Lady Frankenstein.

I feel like an alien.

This is as 'extra' as it gets.


Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like these designers are selling their one of a kind creations but try and send them a PM if you're interested. You just never know. 

#Bonus - The Wordsmith Face Mask


Price: From RM21.71

Yes, this is a little less 'extra' compared to the others but we love a mask with some good wordplay. 

We're really not sure why masks with quotes, jokes or inspiring words are still not a thing here in Malaysia though.

(God knows we love our statement tees - whether the words make sense or not!)

Here's a few we spotted and liked.

It prevents me from putting food in my mouth.
Just insert it!
Buy here:Etsy.

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