[PHOTOS] This Two-Storey Villa In Hua Hin With A Built-In Water Slide Is The Perfect Party House

Bring us there, please.

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[PHOTOS] This Two-Storey Villa In Hua Hin With A Built-In Water Slide Is The Perfect Party House
Facebook/พลูวินล่า Dragon

Dream house, no?

When one mentions Thailand, a couple of popular tourist destinations come to mind: Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

But another gorgeous destination that's slowly gaining popularity is Hua Hin.

Known as the a romantic and elegant gateway holiday destination, Hua Hin offers gorgeous views of the ocean and plenty of things to do and see.

And apparently, they are home to some outrageous villas too.

So extra, we love it!

Perfect for the minimalist.
Just so lovely.
The one that caught our attention is the Pool Villa House Dragon Hua Hin - because it has its own built-in water slide.

Located in a secluded area in Hua Hin, the villa features a very modern and minimalistic design, with large floor to ceiling windows for all you natural light lovers out there.

Glass windows everywhere.
More than enough space for you and your gang.
Perfect place to lounge.
They even have a small stream running though the living area for those late night, 'dip your feet in the pool' chat sessions: 

Not good if you plan on getting stupidly drunk.
It boasts four bedrooms and four bathrooms that can accommodate up to 15 people, making it the perfect party house.

That's a gorgeous view.
The rooms are pretty spacious too.
A whole room to yourself.
It even has a ship-themed bedroom for the kids:

Ahoy, captain.
But the pièce de résistance is none other than the built-in water slide.

According to Pool Villa House Dragon, the water slide stands at three meters tall, and it connects the second floor to the pool located on the porch of the villa.

Perfect for those who likes taking a dip in the pool the moment they get up in the morning.

Slide your way to a good morning.
From second floor to pool in two seconds.A little adventure.
On top of that, the entire villa is air-conditioned, and they also throw in a barbeque pit, a karaoke system and enough parking space for four to five cars.

How is this not the perfect Hen's Night den, right?

'Lagu jiwang' night!
You can rent the Pool Villa House Dragon Hua Hin for 14,500 Baht (RM1,944 per night), which is not too bad if you split the bill with ten of your best friends.

You can also get in touch with the property via their official Facebook page here.

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