Meet The Kindest Heroes Who Uplift Communities

Simple acts of love that benefits all can win the heart of a community.

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Meet The Kindest Heroes Who Uplift Communities

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” - Margaret J. Wheatley

COMMUNITY…Isn’t that something special to be a part of?
Reality checks that we live in a world surrounded by people regardless if they are our family, friends, neighbours or even strangers. Well, duuuhhhhhh! No man is an island! This is no breaking news to all of us. So, try having this food for thought…Do you agree with the idea that we living our day-to-day lives around other people alone makes a community? 



The best part being Malaysians is the diverse ethnicities and culture who just embraces community living! You got to be familiar with the visiting of our family and friends during festivals, the gotong-royong around our neighbourhood, parties, weddings, funerals, social events and community services, right?
Whether we are always on the go with the fast-paced city lifestyle or enjoying a laidback lifestyle in the kampung, it is the community surrounding us that adds colour to the way we live our lives. Isn’t that amazing? Well, what’s even more amazing is that there are some selfless mortal heroes living among us who went the extra mile and impacted their communities with just simple acts of love.
Brace yourselves for some great heroic moments.

1. Climbing Mount Kinabalu Backwards

This man may be the bravest in his community! Even though he had a disability of cerebral palsy as young as nine which is a great challenge to live with, nothing stopped him from giving his all for his community…and by that we mean going the extreme of climbing Mount Kinabalu backwards!
His project goal of raising a fund of RM500, 000 is to support the need of a disable institution who were told students need a bus, to build an open hall facility for SK Bundu Tuhan in Ranau and lastly to fund the association for mountain guide hostels’ equipment at Mount Kinabalu.

2. Young Creative Inventor


No one is “too young” to make a difference in the community and this young Sikh boy just proved it! The seriousness of COVID-19 has made everyone wear face masks wherever they go. Unfortunately, people who wear turbans and hijabs did not have much comfortability wearing them. So, this little genius invented a face mask extender which started off by being a great help to his father, then among the Pujabis and then elsewhere.
Being recognized for his talent as a student at Infinite Minds Academy, he received all the help he needed to reach out to those who would need a face mask extender. Guys, sometimes noticing one need and doing something about it can uplift the spirits of those who need them the most.

3. E-Commerce Platform For Farmers

It’s no news now that Malaysia's economy has truly become unstable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A good example would be the struggle to make a living from the agriculture community. Well, not for long!
AirAsia has just opened a window of opportunity for the fellow farmers through a B2B e-commerce platform called Ourfarm. They are supporting over 1,000 government contract farmers and owners of private farms. Farmers are also provided with the benefit of getting a direct supply from agricultural producers and getting rid of the middlemen cost.
Who says AirAsia is only about travel and vacation?

4. Father’s Day Gift On The Road



A post shared by Hannah Yeoh (@hannahyeoh) on

Hannah Yeoh is more than just a politician fulfilling her responsibilities. The people of Segambut surely adore her and all that she does for giving the best to the community. Despite her busy schedule, she took the time being present in the neighbourhoods to meet with the community and celebrate Father’s Day by handing out a little gift to bus and taxi drivers, Alam Flora workers, policemen, and all fathers she saw on the road.
Isn’t it nice and heart-warming when well-known important people are simply approachable?

5. Playground Hero


Assalamualaikum.. Pagi tadi ramai orang ketawa dengan saya sebab saya basuh taman permainan kanak kanak di sekitar...

Posted by Mustaqim Kumar Abdullah Sooria on Saturday, February 8, 2020

Children have a special place in this man’s heart. His act of love has flooded thousands of likes and shares on Facebook. Whilst many people admire and applaud his actions to clean and sanitize the playground, some cruel individuals laughed and mocked him. Guess what…this guy doesn’t give a s*** despite the ridiculous comments he received.
Mustaqim continued raising awareness about the importance of a clean and healthy environment during this COVID-19 as it needs to be taken seriously. For the sake of keeping the children safe, he went around Shah Alam cleaning the playgrounds. Hey, as a wise saying goes,

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people” - Maya Angelou



Oh, what a wonderful feeling it is to just belong in a community! Guys, it’s ok to come out of the shadows even if it’s for a while. Let your sincerity and service attend to the needs of the people around you. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many people who would appreciate your kindness and caring spirit for others.
With that being said, here’s another interesting fact about community-living. You will never get tired of the people around you. Why, you ask? Well, Malaysians are surely a natural in adding a little zest to their lifestyle choices. Just take a stroll around your neighbourhood if you need a little comedy-action, drama or romance in your life. No doubt, you would find these types of Malaysian neighbours.

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