This Foodpanda Rider Loves Pandas So Much, He Hangs Panda Soft Toys All Over His Uniform

So much love for pandas!

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This Foodpanda Rider Loves Pandas So Much, He Hangs Panda Soft Toys All Over His Uniform

For the love of panda.

It is so easy to fall in love with a panda. 

After all, who could resist the cuddly bears that spend most of their time eating and sleeping?

For this Foodpanda rider, he has no problems showing his love for panda on his sleeves - actually, his entire uniform, to be exact.

A 'mascot' of sorts

For the love of panda.
A photo showing the Foodpanda rider covered from head to toe in panda plush toys has taken over the internet.

According to a report by Malay Mail, quoting a report by mStar, the panda-loving abang rider has been identified as Akhmal Abdul Rashid.

He told the Malay portal that he has been a fan of the cuddly panda since he was young and he started 'decorating' himself with panda toys two months after joining Foodpanda.

He used to hang the toys on the food warmer bag placed behind his motorcycle but unfortunately, they got stolen.

So, he decided to hang them on his uniform instead, and overtime, his collection grew.

The record amount of panda toys he had on him at once? 18, Akhmal revealed.

He also added that toys will be on him at all times, even during a 12-hour work shift, and the only time they are not with him is when he changes out of his uniform for his shower or prayers.
Akhmal told mStar that he doesn't plan to stop and is looking for more ways to grow and diversify his panda collection.

“I also plan to sew mini panda toys on my pants and make a mini zoo on my duffel bag,” he was quoted as saying.

We think Foodpanda should make Akhmal the official spokesperson for the company, don't you guys think? He has, after all, shown his love for the panda.

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