Grandma’s Nifty Life Hacks We Should Replicate

With age comes wisdom and grandma knows best.

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Grandma’s Nifty Life Hacks We Should Replicate

While modern and advanced technology have made our life easier, there’s still a lot we can learn from how our Grandma used to do things. The skills might be retro, but sometimes it can work magic. Here are some brilliant tips Grandma would approve; plus, they’ll save money and resources in the process!



1. Never Toss Away Your Egg Cartons

Here’s a great life hack for upcycling. For those who hate to shake the leftovers from sauces bottles, you can keep them upside-down in empty egg cartons, you won’t have to shake them…

Smart move Gemma!

Egg cartons are also ideal for freezing small portions of homemade sauce, especially when you need to use your ice trays for, well, ice.

Cover and freeze your leftover sambal tumis, or ginger sauce and transfer cubes to a resealable freezer bag. To use, thaw cubes in your fridge for 2 hours…

And Voila!

2. Revive Wilting Flowers With Boiled Water

Yasss. You heard that right.

Boil a bowl of water when you start seeing some fresh flowers of yours getting wilted.

Cut the base of the stems at a 45-degree angle and slit them up the middle. Dip them in the water for about 30 seconds and return them back to a fresh vase of room temperature water.

Ta- da ! they’ll perk up and appear fresh again.




3. TAP That Tea Bag Twice

As it turns out, you had been drinking your tea all wrong.



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WHAT?! How long has this been going on?
(This, accompanied by grandma’s ‘DUH’ face.)




4. Hacking Hacks

Next, a whirlwind tour of grandma’s hack


So, who else would be uniquely qualified to dispense life hacks if it’s not our grandma?

5. The Miraculous Wooden Spoon

There are a few elements that a wooden spoon has, that made it favored (other than used for spanking) as it is strong; and can stir thick things without breaking. Most importantly it has a high heat tolerance which means that it won’t melt if its rest on the side of a pan or stirs something really, really hot. Grandma believes this ‘magic wand’ can perform the job of twenty.

6. Never Underestimate The Power Of “The Stare”

Watching this would make you miss your grandma even more!

Many types of grandparents exist: naggy, even “lion” ones. But they all have something in common – nifty life hacks to solve your everyday problems. Sometimes the real answer lies in the past, not the future. Nowadays everyone seems to turn to Google for life hacks, but you should really just phone your grandma.

On the lighter note, one of the hardest things during this pandemic for us has been staying away from our grandparents. What we can do at this moment in time, and strengthen The Eternal Bond is to find creative ways to engage with your grandparents by phone or video. Play games by video, read books together, watch a movie at the same time. This is a time to embrace some virtual tools.



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