We Tried Japanese Restaurant Nobu's Merdeka-Inspired Menu, And Here's What You Can Expect

Yummy food, of course.

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We Tried Japanese Restaurant Nobu's Merdeka-Inspired Menu, And Here's What You Can Expect
Nothing can come between Malaysians and their food.

So, during a month where Malaysians are most patriotic, there's no better time to focus on our love for food.

Hence, in conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations, famed Japanese restaurant Nobu has decided to go patriotic with a new menu that would certainly satisfy Malaysians' love for food.

Nobu's brand new menu, the 14 Flavours by Nobu Omakase, is what you get when you combine the Japanese food you love with some Malaysian flavours.

We were invited to a special media tasting session where Nobu's Executive Chef Philip Leong told us that he took inspiration from Malaysia’s wide array of local delicacies when he came up with the new menu. 

And why 14 flavours, you ask? Well, to celebrate the Merdeka month, Nobu decided to create the 14 flavours inspired by the number of stripes on our Jalur Gemilang.

So, what can you expect from this Omakase menu? Some truly Japanese, but yet very Malaysian, flavours.

Nobu Moriawase

First up was the classic Nobu Moriawase, which crompises of the Kampachi, rich and buttery karashi-su miso with a topping of caviar. After you're done with that, you'll move on to the Botan Ebi With Uni, succulent and juicy shrimp with a serving of Uni that melts in your mouth. To finish the first course, you'll also get a fresh serving of the Tuna Tataki with Jalapeno Dressing, paired with fresh diced pineapple salsa alongside crispy shitake.

As you'd expect from Nobu, the dishes were really fresh and the protein melts in your mouth. The seasoning adds some flavour into the protein, and the way it was arranged (we were told to start from the left to the right), each flavour stands out on its own and it doesn't clash with each other.

The Chef Sushi Selection

Once you're done with the first course, you will be then treated to a selection of four sushi, personally handpicked by Head Sushi Chef Chico. We were told that the selection of sushi is based on what Nobu has at the counter on the day, so you would most likely get different types of sushi served to you, depending on what day you're dining at Nobu.

We got otoro (tuna belly), madai (Japanese snapper), salmon and yellowtail, and they are as fresh as they come. 

Seared Scallop Wasabi Salsa and Dragon Fruit Dry Miso

Next up, we were served with a combo of Dragon Fruit Dry Miso and Seared Scallop Wasabi Salsa. The Dragon Fruit Dry Miso, which contains dragon fruit and cucumber, serves as the 'salad' of the meal, which was pretty refreshing before we move on to the scallop.

The scallop was seared very lightly on the top, and the wasabi salsa sprinkled on top of the scallops, plus the kicap base we Malaysians are familiar with, gives the scallops some very mild, yet very tasty, 'fire'.

Tomato Sorbet

When the tomato sorbet is served, it means you've reached half time of the meal. Like its name suggests, the sushi-shaped sorbet is made out of tomato. It has a floury and fluffy texture. Think of it as eating tomato-flavoured ice cream, so the taste of it was pretty interesting, said several media friends seated next to this writer.

According to the chef, the tomato sorbet functions as a palate cleanser before you transition from cold dishes to hot mains.

'Chili Crab' Nobu Style

The 'Chili Crab' Nobu Style, in our opinion, is the star of the show. The crab meat is topped with a generous amount of ebiko, complimented with the unique spicy sour egg sauce. 

The crab meat was fresh and silky, and it definitely melts in your mouth, but it was the tangy sauce that left us wanting more.  

Short Rib Cacao Truffle Miso Melakan Chocolate

Next on the list is the Short Rib Cacao Truffle Miso, topped with Melakan Chocolate. According to Nobu, the sauce was made from locally produced chocolate sourced from Alor Gajah.

The meat on the short rib was super tender, and it was juicy and succulent. The best way to describe the texture of the dish was like eating a slab of 'char siew', with a subtle hint of the chocolate sauce to add a little flavour to the meat.

Unagi Chimaki Bamboo Leaf Steamed Rice

If you're familiar with Chinese sticky rice dumpling, then you'll feel at home with this unique Unagi Chimaki Bamboo Leaf Steamed Rice. The steamed sticky rice comes wrapped in a bamboo leaf, and a slice of grilled eel adds a little Japanese flavour to the classic Malaysian dish. 

Ryugan (Longan) Kakigori Monkfruit Sorbet, Persimmon and Green Kelp

To end the night, you'll get to dig in into a refreshing shaved ice dessert, the Ryugan (Longan) Kakigori, inspired by Sweet Lotus Seed Soup, made from monk fruit sorbet, persimmon and green kelp.

Chef Philip Leong told us that this Kakigori is a modern Japanese take on the Malaysian favourite 'lai chee kang', so you can expect a sweet ending to a very special Merdeka-inspired meal.

The 14 Flavours by Nobu Omakase menu is available starting 1 August to 31 August, and is priced at RM398++ per person.

For inquiries or reservations, please call 03-2164 5084 or WhatsApp 019-389 5085.

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