Put A Super Ring On It: Malaysian Artist Turns Super Ring Into A Real Ring

An adorable Malaysian inspired design.

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Put A Super Ring On It: Malaysian Artist Turns Super Ring Into A Real Ring
April Yew

The hottest accessory to have!

You know how politicians and a lot of Malaysians were posting pictures of themselves enjoying packets of Super Ring recently?

Well, if you're thinking of joining the troll game and one-upping them, check out this adorable Super Ring ring!

Super Ring ring to help you troll on the go.

A friend sent a picture of this ring to us, and we just had to speak to the Malaysian who created it because it's adorbs and absolutely on point for usage during current political times.

Still clueless about how Super Ring and Malaysian politics are related? 

Baca artikle yang diembed di bawah.

The Super Ring ring story

Digital and brand strategic communications specialist and part-time custom handmade miniature food accessory and props designer (damn, that would look awesome on a business card!) April Yim said that posts from friends on social media inspired the idea.

"There were a number of postings by my friends in Malaysia who were picking up packets of Super Ring from a recent trend! All I could think of was how I really wanted a pack myself to eat :( ," wrote April when contacted by Rojak Daily. 

".... but since I can't access them from here, the next best thing was to create one!" 

April has been based in Bangkok for the last five years but obliged to answer some questions we sent her about the adorable Super Ring ring via email. 

Years of designing experience


Digging more into her background, we learnt that April is no newbie to designing handmade miniature food.

"I actually started making polymer clay accessories 15 years ago as a hobby and to earn extra pocket money and sold it to friends and family."

"Food has always been a major theme because a big foodie like myself thought there were never enough designs in the market at that point of time that weren't quirky and fun." 

"I later expanded on to create designs for a niche market of dollhouses, ball-jointed dolls, Nendoroids and figurines," said April.

Cute lah this Nendoroid!

Helping to pay the bills

Talented April Yim.

The bubbly lass said that after moving to Bangkok, she left her hobby behind for a while.

"I recently started it again, and I was informed that both my parents require financial assistance for long term medical support."

"I thought then it would be the right time to set everything back up and use my skills to generate some extra finances for them. Right now all profits are being channelled to support my family's medical bills back in Malaysia," she explained.

Smells like food too!

If you love miniature food accessories, you'd be thrilled to know that a lot of April's designs also smell like the actual food itself.

Unfortunately, the Super Ring ring doesn't come with a scent.


"Most of my other creations do have a food smell though and I really like having something that sets my designs apart and adds another dimension to the experience of owning one!" 

"To recreate certain scents like Nasi lemak, I have do a little mixing and matching with the 53 base scenting notes that I have!" she exclaimed.

As for the Super Ring ring, it was not an easy piece to make.

"Conceptualizing the shape for the design of it was the hardest part. It took me about 30mins to recreate the shape and curing/hardening will take another 6 hours."

"A lot of work and detailing goes into every piece that I make because I want to bring joy and happiness to those who want to own any of my designs," she said.

Attention to detail.

Lots of orders coming in

April also excitedly explained that multiple orders were already rolling in for the unique statement piece.

"It seems Malaysians really love Super Ring as much as I do! I even have queries to turn them into pendants, brooches and gag engagement rings!," she said.

So cute!

Now that is something that we'd like to see.

A future bride being presented with a Super Ring ring!

If you're interested in the Super Ring ring or want to purchase or order any custom made designs from April, just DM her on her Instagram or Facebook page.

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