F&B Collaborations That Gives The Best Of Both Worlds

If only you could experience two or more of the best things at once…well, you can!

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F&B Collaborations That Gives The Best Of Both Worlds

Count the memories, not the calories!
When it comes to food, most of us just find it difficult to make decisions. Guilty as charged! Picking one delicious plate of food from the other seems so unfair especially when you have two or more of your favourite options. However, what’s more difficult to ignore is our awesome fantasies of food which we’re dying to experience in reality!
And no…we don’t just mean indulging your favourite food.


The non-stop building of F&B businesses around the neighbourhood, state, country and globally have set their goals to constantly be on the case of delivering the best they could by attending to customers’ needs and wants no matter how crazy the combo can be. On a side note, it is also a tactic used to obtain a successful business and leave an imprint among people.
Are you feeling intrigued about what else businesses and customers can possibly experience with food? Well, get ready ‘cause here comes some of the best F&B collaborations!

1. Teh tarik bites



Have you had your Teh Tarik Break yet? Senang je with the NEW KITKAT Duo! Have a #TehTarikBreak anytime, anywhere and taste the delicious combo of milk tea flavour and chocolate!

Posted by KitKat on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ehh? Don’t we only get teh tarik from the local mamak? Well, what’s liquid for so long can now be tasted with every bite.
Kit Kat is a well-known chocolate brand that just promotes “have a break, have a Kit Kat”. Our Malaysian community always love their teatime break and no one can convince otherwise. A combination between chocolate and tea really captivates the eye of the public. Have you wondered what solid teh tarik would taste like? This is your chance!

2. Milo coated chicken chop

What on earth?...We are guessing that you might be left speechless after seeing this. This bizarre yet uniquely tasty looking chicken chop is found in a local restaurant called Cheese Banjir. You obviously would know the taste of Milo and chicken chop as its own but how about as one dish?
Experience the indescribable combo today!
P.S There are a lot more of these kinds of combinations in this restaurant.

3. Cookies and cream

Raise your hand if you love chocolate chip cookies!
Here a delightful snack that mashes two of the favourite cookies into one delicious treat. In collaboration with Oreo, we now have the perfect balance of cookies and cream. The wonderful vanilla flavour in the cookie that’s just oozing out in every bite can create a longing for more and more and…
Heck, can turn you into a cookie monster.




4.  Work together to serve others


Source: New Straits Times

A joint venture is great but it’s more rewarding when it’s for the common good.
The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought nothing but sorrow to the community. However, we have also witnessed the true dedication of our fellow frontliners who are offering their services with their maximum strength. So, to cheer up their spirits, Subway collaborated with Coca Cola to lend a helping hand by donating some really delicious meals and appreciate the genuine service of the frontliners.

5. Musang King Burger



A post shared by KL Foodie (@kl.foodie) on

If there’s a fruit that Malaysians resonate their identity with…it is durian. And now, the durian flavour has introduced a new exotic dish to the family. That’s right, DURIAN BURGER! The creamy goodness that coats the patties is just out of this world. Marshall’s Co. serves this mouth-watering fast food with some of the best salted side dishes.
As the king of the fruits, it really took charge.

6. Add boba to your ice-cream

Source: Medium
Hold on a second…the BOBA craze is not over?
Surely, we are all familiar with the trendy bubble tea hype. Can’t say we didn’t notice it because it was literally everywhere. Among the many brands that rise up to this occasion, Tealive too established its name among the people. The combination of having your delicious boba in the form of our favourite Wall’s ice-cream is just beyond our imagination. Plus, we millennials just can’t get enough of boba no matter how many times we deny it. Let’s face it guys, boba is irresistible! 



In the words of a young TV pop star,

“You get the best of both worlds, chill it out, take it slow…” - Hannah Montana

There is no reason to rush into partnership with others. But…businesses that find it an amazing opportunity to join ventures among other businesses will see growth and revenue. Do it wisely with the right terms of course. A smart business deal that entrepreneurs go for would be the enabling of profit or benefit that is brought to both partners instead of one. It doesn’t necessarily mean only in the form of cash. Sometimes, it’s publicity and other areas too.
So, if you’re someone who is looking to grow your business and take it to new heights (especially start-up businesses), start building connections with other brands. You’ll never know the great opportunities that may come your way. If you are having a lack of understanding, watch Hello I Have Issues: Startup Business and get a pro’s tip on business.


Source: New Straits Times, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, The Drum, Global Cosmetic News, The Smarter Way

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