5 Types Of Face Mask Wearers We See Here In Malaysia

Yes, there's more than one type.

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5 Types Of Face Mask Wearers We See Here In Malaysia
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Which category do you fit into?

Beginning 1 August, the government has made it mandatory for all Malaysians to wear a face mask when they are out in public.

Despite that, there are still a lot of Malaysians who still do not care about the mandatory face mask rule.

But for the rest of you who've made the face mask a necessary essential, well done! We hope more Malaysians can be like you guys.

So, we've decided to pay tribute to all of you mask wearers by making fun of you categorising you guys into different types of mask wearers. 

Here are the five most common types of mask wearers we see going out and about on the streets of Malaysia on a daily basis, and let us know which one you are:

#1 The Law Compliant

Be like this group of people.
People who do this are...: Afraid of getting a saman

They are the model citizen as you'll never see them without a face mask on their face. They make it a point to never leave the house without a mask, and that's commendable. There are also the ones who would constantly remind you to wear a mask, and educate you on how to properly wear one. 10/10 confirm teacher's pet in school last time.

#2 The Nose Breathers

Need to breathe.
People who do this are...: Probably waiting for a judge to read out their jail sentence

As in, they die-die need their nose to feel the air to breathe because somehow, a face mask would hinder their ability to suck in air. This reminds us of how a fish can't breathe on land. In case you're wondering, don't ever wear your face mask like that, OK? If you do, you're better off not wearing any.

#3 The For-Show-Only

It's not supposed to go on your hand though.
People who do this are...: Not afraid to die

How do you know a person is wearing a face mask just for show? Simple; you see the face mask hanging on one side of their ear, on the chin or on their hand more than on their face. The only time the face mask will go on their face is when an abang security guard stops them from buying boba tea because they're not wearing a face mask. Ugh, annoying.

#4 The Hypebeasts

Need to flex.
People who do this are...: Are afraid that they got nothing to flex since they can't go out as much

Surgical mask and cloth mask cap ayam, what's what? Now that face masks are part of our daily essentials, you can be sure hypebeasts need some streetwear-branded masks to flex too. If there's no branding on the mask, they're not wearing it. Supreme face mask = RM1,000. Flexing with Supreme face mask on Instagram = priceless.

#5 The Overdoers

A little too much, we feel.
People who do this are...: Trying to tell people they are cooler than the rest 

A simple surgical face mask or a reusable mask will do, but no, some people would go all out to give 120 per cent even when it comes to wearing face masks. N95 masks are still acceptable but not very necessary, but a respirator mask? A bit too much, we feel We are trying to prevent the coronavirus from getting into our system, not going to Chernobyl.

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