Kind-Hearted Teacher In Sabah Provides Free Face Masks To Students Who Can't Afford Them

Bless his kind soul.

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Kind-Hearted Teacher In Sabah Provides Free Face Masks To Students Who Can't Afford Them

God bless his kind soul.

To be honest, teachers are one of the most under-appreciated people around.

They spend a lot of time to make sure that their students excel at their studies, and some even go above and beyond their duties for their students:

This teacher from Sabah can be classified as one of them.

To raise awareness

A teacher with a good heart.
A special education teacher has won praises from netizens for his kind-hearted act of providing free face masks to his students who can't afford them.

Fazri Hassan, who is based in Sandakan, Sabah, shared a picture of a dirty face mask purportedly used by one of his students.

According to his post, he was shocked to find that not one, but many, of his students reuse their disposable face masks to save money.

Some even had to have the ear loops sewn back on.
After hearing their plights, Fazri and some of his colleagues decided to pool their money together to provide free masks to students who cannot afford to buy new ones.

He told Malay Mail that he shared the story in hopes that his fellow teachers can keep an eye out for students under their care who might be facing the same issue.

"I decided to bring up the issue to the public and ask those who are able to help students like this to contact schools nearby them," he told the news portal.
He also asked kind Samaritans to help out if possible, as during a tough times like these, "we shouldn’t be very dependent on just one side to help".

Fazri's tweet has so far been retweeted 6,300 times, with many netizens praising him for his selfless act:
Way to go, Fazri. Thanks for showing your students -- and maybe, the whole of Malaysia -- that someone still cares for them.

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