Here's How You Can Apply For A Cute Little Passport For Your Beloved Pet

It's quite easy, actually.

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Here's How You Can Apply For A Cute Little Passport For Your Beloved Pet

How cute is this passport?

Imagine how cute it would be if your beloved pet has its own passport.

Well, you don't really need to imagine anymore because you can actually get a passport for your pet - and it is pretty easy to do so!

Part of a government project

Adorable little passport.
This handy info came courtesy of Mashable SEA, who reported that Malaysia has been assigning pet passports since 2010.

However, unlike hooman passports, pet passports do not exactly allow your beloved pet kitto or doggo to fly on an airplane and travel with you to exotic locations.

The pet passports is part of the Malaysian Animal Traceability System (MATs) Project, which aims to build a formal animal identification database system to help with animal disease control and promote pet ownership responsibility.

Pretty picture.
At the moment, the passport is only offered for four types of animals: cats, dogs, horses and rabbits.

Sorry, no passport for your pet snake.

Easy application process

  If you want to get one for your pet, the process is pretty simple, according to Twitter user @ShazGhaF.

The first step is to get your pet microchipped at any Veterinary Service Hospital, said @ShazGhaF, and after that, you may proceed to have your pet registered.

According to @ShazGhaF, the process doesn't take very long, as he managed to get a pet passport by noon.
@ShazGhaF also revealed that the entire process only costs around RM85, which is way cheaper than a hooman passport, kan?

If you want your pet kitto or doggo to be the coolest animal on the block with its own passport and all, go and get one for them now.

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