Malaysia Is Now Home To The World’s Most Expensive Hijab, Worth RM100,000!

One crystal goes missing and you’ll definitely be crying.

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Malaysia Is Now Home To The World’s Most Expensive Hijab, Worth RM100,000!

RM100,000 on your head, ladies.

Local brand Bawal Exclusive has always been the talk of the town when it comes to the price tag of their hijab, and to be fair, they’re never one to shy away from the spotlight.
They’ve gone viral on various ocassions after creating commissioned hijabs that have amounted up to RM50,000 per piece.

And now, they’re back once again with another creation - that's going for twice that price.

Embedded with crystals

Bawal Exclusive recently revealed that they have the world’s most expensive hijab, which is worth an eye-watering RM100,000.
According to the Malay Mail, the hijab named ‘The Sparkle of Dream’ is embellished with 7,513 crystals of various sizes.

However, if you're ready to break the bank, this dreamy hijab isn’t up for sale, as it was a gift from renowned Austrian fine jewellery brand Swarovski.
Bawal Exclusive founder Haliza Maysuri says the exclusive gift was given to the brand in conjunction with the brand’s upcoming new boutique opening.
“Honestly, I don’t plan to sell this luxury tudung that’s worth RM100,000 to anyone, instead it will be displayed in our soon-to-opened boutique,” Haliza said.
It's all in the details.
“After all, a gift this expensive is a sign of appreciation from Swarovski as we are one of the world’s largest wholesalers of crystals.”
The hijab, which reportedly took 320 hours to make, was even recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records as the most expensive hijab in the world.
So, would you buy and wear a RM100,000 hijab if you can afford it?

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