Thinking Out Of The Box For Your Pandemic Wedding

Making The Best of Plan B.

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Thinking Out Of The Box For Your Pandemic Wedding

It might seem difficult to be happy in the midst of a pandemic, but it is essential.

After months of cancellation and delays, weddings can finally happen again, but of course with some strings attached. Couples need to take the right action and adapt to this ever-evolving scenario.

The BIG question now is;

“Is it okay to have a wedding & maintain social distancing?”

“Would panic overshadow the actual party aspect of my wedding?”

“What is the right gifts for my guest?”

We think we might have the information you need. (Not gonna try to pretend we have all the answers) But we do have a few things every couple should consider.

1. Drive-Thru And Say “I Do”

This unique wedding is the perfect solution for couples on the go. Couples now can get married amid the COVID19 pandemic while feeling safe, staying relaxed and doing so on a budget. Meanwhile for family and friends who can’t be there can watch the whole ceremony via livestream, to make the once in a lifetime occasion even more memorable.

2. You May Kiss The Mask

We never thought face masks would make their way into a wedding trend, but yet, here we are.  As we all love wearing “matchy-matchy” outfits, especially for weddings, one can now wear a matching facemask with their outfit as well!  Safe and stylish, y’all.
Well, wedding outfit trend of year 2020, CHECKED!



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3. Intimate Backyard Ceremony

As the times have shown, home is our ultimate sanctuary. Ever since the outbreak, for sentimental as well as practical reasons, home—and its related outdoor space—seems to be the best location for a wedding. We figured if you are getting married for better or worse, and this pandemic is pretty much the worst, you should just move forward and start living those vows.

Jennifer and Kerry went through plan A, B, and finally to C with all the restrictions and rules changing daily. If you anticipate a much smaller group for the late-night dancing and party, you will move to yet another smaller space, so it doesn’t feel like 30 guests are in a space big enough for 300. A tiny layout, and with all the love in the world is all that you need.

4. Plated vs Buffet Meals

The health and safety of your guests is as of importance during your big day. “Sit-down plated meals” will take much preference over a buffet, making it easier to enforce the social distancing norms as also avoid long queues. We Asians definitely know how hard it is to queue up with a hungry stomach though.




5. Save The Date

With Covid-19, since everything has become digital now, the demand for digital invites has also increased. E-invites will have more takers now and if you have older relatives who are not tech savvy, ensure that someone can help them completing an easy to use online wedding invitation. Besides that, having e-invitations can also help you from going to places which might be risky.

6. Personalised Door Gifts

Banishing viruses like nobody's business, your guests will appreciate these personalised door gifts, especially when it suits your wedding theme. You can even give them designed face masks, with a #kitajagakita note as well!

Creative gifts, more safety!



While covid-19 might change what your wedding day looks like or even when it takes place, keep as calm as possible. Constantly remind yourself that it will still be a beautiful day and at the end of it you will be married to your soul mate.

Do take into account weddings shouldn’t be another cluster, else the hashtag would look ugly if that happened!

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