Woman Risks Her Life By Swimming In Severe Flood To Save Husband's Gundam Collection

Wife of the year!

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Woman Risks Her Life By Swimming In Severe Flood To Save Husband's Gundam Collection

Such a big sacrifice!

When you are stuck in severe flood, the first thing that you would probably think about is a way to save yourself and your family.

And depending on the severity of flood, maybe you'll have time to save some important items, like your smartphone, wallet or family heirloom.

However, a woman is China has won praises online for risking her life to save her husband’s ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ collection.

Yup, that's definitely wife of the year material!

Swam all the way back

Wife of the year, clearly!
According to a report by Unilad, the woman from Yudong, Chongqing, China insisted on going back to her house to save the collection.

This apparently happened after her husband had already given up on the collection as he doesn’t know how to swim.

Thankfully for the man, his wife, who is also a huge fan of the anime and manga series, was a long-distance swimmer.

She managed to rescue the collection.
After reportedly assessing the situation, the woman put on a life jacket and jumped into the water.

She managed to swim all the way back to their apartment, grab a handful of the Gundam collection and hop on a rubber dingy.

Despite suffering a cut on her finger, she successfully rescued her husband’s collection and was pulled to safety by rescuers.

Safe and sound.
Videos and images of the daring rescue has since gone viral on Chinese social media site Weibo, with many netizens praising the woman for her brave act of love.

In the husband's defence, a 'Mobile Gundam Suit' figurine can go up to RM1,200 here in Malaysia, so it is quite a pricey collection the woman has managed to save.

Nevertheless, can someone give this woman an award already?

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