Uniqlo's Much-Hyped About AIRism Face Masks Set To Drop In Malaysia In September

Be prepared to queue.

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Uniqlo's Much-Hyped About AIRism Face Masks Set To Drop In Malaysia In September

Let's hope it's worth the hype.

Queuing up outside a shop -- sometimes overnight -- to cop a limited edition item is, frankly, nothing new.

We've seen tonnes of people lining up to get their hands on a pair of sneakers or, in IKEA's case, a streetwear-collab collection.

But who would've thought that in 2020, people are queuing up outside of shops to buy face masks?

And judging by the response this one face mask generated overseas, we can expect Malaysians to do the same come September.

Expect a high demand

Are you ready to queue it out?
Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is reportedly finally bringing the highly-anticipated AIRism face masks into our shores.

Made using the same materials as their AIRism line, which promises to keep you "dry and comfortable all day long", the face masks features three layers and is completely washable.

According to Uniqlo, the AIRism face mask boasts a nano-filter in the middle that blocks 99 per cent of bacteria and pollen.

The inner layer is made out of the AIRism material, which makes it highly breathable (perfect for those who feel suffocated wearing a face mask) while the outermost layer is made of a material called UV Cut layer, which Uniqlo says will cut out 90 per cent of ultraviolet rays.

Looks pretty comfy to us.
The AIRism face masks is durable enough to withstand more than 20 washes and they are “more comfortable than non-woven or cotton masks”, Uniqlo claims. 

However, they did not mention whether the AIRism face masks will reduce fogging on your glasses, because this happens all the time for us and it's getting pretty darn annoying.

Oh, it's also important for us to point out that these masks are not intended for medical use, and they do not protect you 100 per cent against infiltration.  

Find the right fit for you.
The AIRism face mask will come in three sizes: small (18cm x 12cm), medium (22cm x 14cm) and large (23cm x 14.5cm). 

Each pack comes with three face masks, and is priced at RM39.90, which is considered pretty cheap.

The AIRism face mask will be dropping on 14 September, so you have roughly three weeks to prepare your body to camp out at your nearest Uniqlo outlet.

That's because when it was first launched in Japan back in June, even the most polite Japanese was seen rushing and pushing each other to get their hands on the face masks:
And judging by how Malaysians react to Uniqlo's limited edition drops, you can expect a similar kiasu-ness when the AIRism face masks are made available in stores:

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