Date Night: 5 Places To Bring Your Date Based On Your Budget

Budget eats or splurge, you choose.

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Date Night: 5 Places To Bring Your Date Based On Your Budget
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Yummy food, nice environment

Dating stages of a relationship can be quite exciting. The newness of it all... getting to know each other and exploring new interests. 

But sometimes, you just want to have some good food and drinks, and chat the day/night away. 

For times like this, the ambiance probably plays a bigger role what you're consuming. If you're looking for the perfect place for a date, we've got some suggestion for every budget. 

Disclaimer: price estimation is for two mains and a drink each. Don't spend hours sipping on five drinks and blame us if you end up spending more.

Below RM50

Romantic doesn't have to mean fancy
OUR RECOMMENDATION: A picnic in the park

Let's be honest; it's really difficult to find a place with nice ambiance and good food for below RM50 for two people in the city. 

Despair not. With a picnic, you can choose how simple or extravagant you want to go with the food. Just pick a spot: Titiwangsa Park, Perdana Botanical Garden, Taman Tugu and FRIM are some options you can consider. 

The next step is to find out what your date likes to eat and prepare it. If you're not a great cook, you can just make a sandwich and some salad to go with it. 

Complete the meal with some desserts and coffee or jazz it up a little with a bottle of wine. best date ever! 

Between RM50 - RM100

Dine in an old, refurbished bus

With this budget, you probably have a lot more options. You can have a good meal and a nice uninterrupted date time at many of the cafes across town but may we suggest NightBus127?

Located on Jalan Banting Klang, the bus which has been turned into a charming restaurant may be a little far off for those not living between Klang and Banting, but is sure is worth a ride. 

It's not everyday that you get to eat in a bus comfortably. The food served are mostly Western, with different types of burgers, pastas and mains on the menu. 

The price is definitely not too steep for most, especially if you go Dutch.

Plus, you get to spend more time together if you drive there and back in one car (wink wink). 

The food looks good too!

Between RM100 and RM200

You can head over to the bar if you want to move around a bit

Again, plenty of options for this range. You can even throw in alcoholic beverages or desserts for this price. 

But if you're looking for a pretty place that you can post on your Instagram but also has good food, Wildflowers is one place you could consider. 

The food is basically Asian Fusion and looks absolutely amazing. Add some coffee, dessert or alcoholic beverages and your meal is complete! 

Don't forget to take as many pictures as you wish to for memories. 

Pretty appetising, we'd say

Between RM200 and RM300

The perfect setting for a romantic dinner
OUR RECOMMENDATION:  Cafe Cafe Restaurant

Now, you can spend RM200 to RM300 in many places and have a decent experience, but is decent good enough to impress a date?

If you're looking to impress, you can try Cafe Cafe Restaurant located at Jalan Maharajalela. 

If muted lighting and quiet atmosphere is what you're looking for, this is definitely an option you want to look into. 

The restaurant serves French-Italian cuisine and have won awards, so you know it's probably pretty good. 

It's only open after 6pm, so plan your date accordingly.

This is making our mouths water

If budget is not an issue

Awesome food, amazing view and good company are all you need

If you have no qualms splurging on your dates, Nobu is a great place to take someone you want to impress.

The Michelin-starred is well-known around the world, and Kuala Lumpur is home to the only one branch in Southeast Asia. 

Look forward to Japanese food with a twist, which you can enjoy while looking at the beautiful skyline of the city centre. 

Just be prepared to spend at least RM500 for the night, but we promise it's worth trying at least once.

What is it about Japanese food?

So, there's no reason for you to crack your head thinking where to bring your crush for a date.

You can thank us later if your date likes our ideas. Have fun!

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