Local Artist Asks M'sians To Draw The Things They Love About Malaysia, Gets The Cutest Responses


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Local Artist Asks M'sians To Draw The Things They Love About Malaysia, Gets The Cutest Responses
It started out as just something that she did for fun but Ann Jaafar's adorable template asking Malaysians to "Draw things that are so Malaysian to you" is all over social media now. 

Speaking to Rojak Daily, the 28-year-old illustrator said that she was delighted with the overwhelming response.

"I pun terkejut and didn’t expect everyone akan join the fun and for it to go viral!" she said.

The talented artist explained that she would usually post a drawing whenever there was a special occasion and this time she decided to post the template and get people to participate.
"There are surprisingly so many creative people. Our local artists are so very talented."

She added that it was nice to  that even the simplest of drawings were so relatable to so many Malaysians. 

"Some of them reminds us about our childhood and some are so funny! Just like sports and food, art pun can unite people," she said.

The cutest drawings

Of course, Malaysians being Malaysians, Ann received a whole lot of drawings of Malaysian food and some of our favourite snacks:
There were also drawings of childhood games that brought us a trip down memory lane: Who could forget our diverse culture, right? And of course, we have some jokers as well:

A video in the works

Ann, who will be revealing her own drawing on Hari Merdeka, said that she also plans to compile all the submitted works and make a video out of it. 

She also said that it gave her a warm fuzzy feeling seeing how people were responding so positively to her template.

"I'm just so proud to be part of Malaysia. Despite our different race and religion, we have more similarities. Let's unite and enjoy the things that are Malaysian to us." 

We asked Ann for a selfie and this is what we got. LOL
This warms our heart sooooo much. Thank you for being so awesome, Malaysians!

We highly recommend that you visit Ann Jaafar's Twitter thread or follow her Instagram at @annjfr for more cool drawings.

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