How Did Tun M's Personal Proton Perdana End Up In An Abandoned Building In The UK?

So many questions.

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How Did Tun M's Personal Proton Perdana End Up In An Abandoned Building In The UK?
YouTube/Lost Adventures & FB/Tun Dr Mahathir

Mystery solved!

If you have the heart (and bravery, of course) for it, you'll find a lot of interesting stuff in old abandoned buildings.

Depending on where you look, you'll most likely find memorabilia and relics lost in time.

Like how this group of YouTubers found a dusty Proton Perdana in the basement of an abandoned building in the United Kingdom

Wait, what?

Having a field day.
Last week, YouTube channel Lost Adventures uploaded a video of them exploring an abandoned building in Surrey, UK.

In the hidden basement of the building, the crew stumbed upon a wide variety of luxury vehicles and prototypes said to be worth millions of pounds.

However, what's most fascinating about the video is the fact that buried amongst the fleet of abandoned luxury cars is a Proton Perdana with the number plate VK 5231

You can check out the video below (the Proton Perdana makes an appearance in the 2:44 mark):

Like how we would typically react when we see something Made in Malaysia making an appearance in an international video/movie/TV series, netizens were super excited to see the Proton Perdana sitting at some abandoned building in the UK.

And being the excellent internet sleuths they are, they managed to find out who the owner of the vehicle is: former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

So, what's it doing there?

The aide of Tun M has confirmed, over the weekend, that the Proton Perdana indeed belongs to the 95-year-old.

According to the aide, Tun M had sent his own personal Proton Perdana overseas to Frazer-Nash Research Ltd, a company that develops components made for electric vehicles, for research and development (R&D) purposes.

The owner has been identified.
Tun M had wanted to develop a national hybrid car, the aide wrote.

The aide further revealed that the abandoned building belongs to luxury car manufacturer Bristol Cars, owned by a British businessman from Pakistan named Kamal Siddiqi whom Tun M met in 2016 to kick start discussions on a potential hybrid car.

“As Mahathir is the type who liked new technologies and did not want the country to be left behind, on his own initiative, he sent his Proton Perdana there for R&D.

“If this R&D had succeeded, Proton would have attempted to create its own hybrid car at the time and compete with other world-leading brands who already had their own hybrid models,” the aide wrote in the post.

The aide also posted several documents to support his claims:

Now, this a pretty interesting story.

Too bad it didn't work out, because we sure do love to see a Malaysian-made hybrid car zooming on the streets.

Nevertheless, it is still pretty cool to see a Proton Perdana sitting in an abandoned basement and collecting dust halfway around the world.

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