Man Plays ‘Football Manager’ On Laptop During His Own Wedding

The nerve!

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Man Plays ‘Football Manager’ On Laptop During His Own Wedding
We all know how addictive video games can be.

For some people the addiction can be a real problem.

One such person is a man from Turkey who is obsessed with ‘Football Manager’.

According to a report in Ladbible, the man, only known as Burak, took his obsession to the next level when he arrived at his own wedding and started playing the game while his new wife sat beside him.

Football freak?

Burak said that he had actually brought the laptop to play a special video for his bride but due to technical problems, he had some time to kill and decided to play Football Manager instead.

We're not buying it

"So after that announcement, I reached out for my laptop and 'jokingly' started up Football Manager.

"I mean, my wife could damage my computer if I wasn't joking around...

"I played one cup game, one league game and then shut down my computer,” he told SPORTbible as reported by Ladbible.

Super understanding wife.

He added that he’s lucky to have a wife who allows him to have hobbies as long as he spends time with her.

We are not sure how other wives would take this, though!

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