Why Is Everyone On Facebook A Cartoon? 'Facebook Avatar' Takes Over Feed

Love it or hate it?

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Why Is Everyone On Facebook A Cartoon? 'Facebook Avatar' Takes Over Feed
If you've been on a social media cleanse these last few days, you're going to get a shock when you open your Facebook page.

Chances are your feed is going to be full of cartoon versions of your friends.

Some find it cute, others think it's annoying but looks like Facebook Avatars are not going anywhere for now.

Wanna get your own Avatar?

Introducing cartoon you.

If you're thinking of creating your own Avatar, it's quite senang lah

All you have to do is to open your Facebook mobile app (this Avatar thingy is not available on the desktop version for now) and go to Settings

You can get to Settings by clicking the icon with the three horizontal lines on the bottom right of the app. 

Scroll down and click on the See more tab. 

Once that has expanded, you will be able to see the Avatars option accompanied by a little purple icon.


Create away!

Once in, you can customise your botak Avatar by choosing your skin tone first. 

Then you can choose your hairstyle, face shape, complexion, eye shape, add other features, choose your body size and even add clothes and accessories.

We also love how the outfits have quite a number of localised options. 

If you want to, you can choose to wear a baju kebaya, baju kurung, a saree, a punjabi suit or even sport a batik shirt or a traditional Indian veshti. 


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Another cool element of the app is that you have this little mirror icon on the top right which lets you look at your actual features so you can create an avatar that's closest to what you look like (if you want lah).


Just to be clear, there are no rules you guys!

Be whatever you want, have fun and just go to town with it. 

Have you created your avatar yet?

Share a picture of your avatar in the comments section. 

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