MaTiC Director Has Been Keeping The City Clean By ‘Plogging’ For The Past Two Years


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MaTiC Director Has Been Keeping The City Clean By ‘Plogging’ For The Past Two Years

We should all emulate this man.

Have you guys heard of the term ‘plogging’?

It may be something unheard of for many of us, but for Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) director Rudy Irwan Shukaime, it is something he does as his routine.

Plogging is basically the act of jogging while picking up litter along the way.

A generous act

The man on a mission.
Recently, Rudy carried out the act during one of his exercise sessions near the Saloma Link in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

In fact, he even planned his exercise around the area after spotting many people gathering there on a Saturday night, Malay Mail reported.

“I went on early Sunday morning when there wouldn’t be many people crowding the area so that I could clean the pedestrian bridge.

“It has become a habit for me to pick up trash on the floor because I just can’t stand to see rubbish everywhere,” he was quoted as saying.
Rudy told the news portal that he started plogging two years ago and finds the activity fulfilling.

“I can’t help but to collect the rubbish and sometimes walk even further to dispose of them in a garbage bin.

“For me, it has become a habit for me as a citizen of Malaysia, to treat the places I’ve visited as my home — and that also means maintaining its cleanliness,” he shared.

Perhaps its time we emulate this act as it not only keeps us fit, but also keeps our surroundings clean.

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