4 Incredible Deals You Can Expect To Find At Tesco’s Baby Fair Happening This Week


Deal, deals and more deals.

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4 Incredible Deals You Can Expect To Find At Tesco’s Baby Fair Happening This Week

Buying essential items for a newborn is not exactly a walk in the park, as new parents would tell you.

On top of items being expensive, you may need to run a few places to get everything you need for the baby.

We know it’s frustrating, which is why your favourite retailer Tesco is trying to help you new parents out by throwing a Baby Fair.

Tesco will be holding a baby fair.
Happening from 24 September to 7 October, you’ll be getting unbeatable deals on all baby items at the Tesco Baby Fair.

What unbeatable deals, you ask? Well, here are three things you can expect to find if you drop by any Tesco outlet during their Baby Fair:

#1 A wide variety of milk powder brands

If you are one of those who splurge to stock up during sales, you’ll have to make your way to the Tesco outlet nearest to you, like, now.

During the Tesco Baby Fair, you’ll find a wide range of milk powder brands that you can get at an affordable price, and that includes:

Anmum Essential

The Anmum Essential Step 3/4 1.5kg will be sold at RM82.90 each, and if you buy two of them, you’ll get an additional RM20 discount.

Dutch Lady

You can grab the Dutch Lady 123/456 900gm range for just RM18.99 per pack during the Tesco Baby Fair.


The Similac Gold Gain Kid 1.8kg now retails for RM112.99 per tin, while the Similac Gold Gain Plus 1.8kg is priced at RM119.99 per tin. And if you get both, you’ll get an additional RM10 off.


For RM125.99 per unit, you can get the Enfagrow A+360DHA Complex S3 Original/Vanilla 1.7kg or the A+360DHA Complex S4 Original/Vanilla 1.7kg. The Enfagrow A+360DHA Complex S5 Original/Vanilla 1.7kg, meanwhile, retails for RM99.99. Buy any two of these and you’ll get an addition RM20 discount.

 The Pediasure OHT Vanila 1.6kg will be sold at RM138.99 per tin. You’ll get an additional RM10 discount if you bring home two.

#2 Affordable diapers and baby wipes

Just like milk powder, diapers and baby wipes are essentials too! We know, we know; these could be really expensive in the long run.

But thankfully, good guy Tesco will also be offering these essentials at a very affordable price too, so you might want to stock up as much as you can:

Tesco Fred & Flo Baby Diapers:

Tesco Fred and Flo baby diaper M81/L69/XL56/XXL46 will be retailing for just RM26.99 per pack during the Tesco Baby Fair.

Fred & Flo Moisturing Baby Wipes:

You can get the Tesco Fred & Flo Moisturising/Gentle/Fragrance Free 2x80s for just RM8.99 per pack, while Tesco Fred & Flo Moisturising 2x150s refill pack will be priced at RM9.99.

#3 Affordable cleaning products

Your newborn baby’s health should be priority number one, so you have to invest in reliable cleaning products.

Good news; you’ll find those at the Tesco Baby Fair too:

Tesco Fred & Flo Antibacterial liquid cleanser

You’ll be able to purchase the Tesco Fred & Flo Antibacterial 2L liquid cleanser for just RM7.99 per bottle, while the Tesco Fred & Flo 600ml refill pack retails at RM7.99.

#4 A wide range of other baby products

Don’t worry; you’ll also find a wide range of baby products at the Tesco Baby Fair as well.

On top of the items listed above, you’ll also be able to purchase baby accessories such as baby bottles, flasks or plates at any Tesco outlet (at an affordable price, of course).

Want to turn your baby into a fashionista? You can also get fashionable apparel for your baby.

Want to shower your newborn with toys and gifts? You’re in luck, because you can find a wide range of toys for your baby at the Tesco Baby Fair too.

Basically, what we’re trying to tell you is that, anything baby-related you want or need, you can probably find it at the Tesco Baby Fair. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Mark your calendar and head over to the Tesco Baby Fair happening this 24 September to 7 October. You definitely do not want to miss these deals.

For more information, head on over to Tesco’s official website by clicking here or follow their Facebook account.

You can also check out and purchase some of Tesco’s selected items on Lazada and Shopee

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